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An Open Letter to President Obama | Truthstream Media.

Dear President Obama,

America is in dire straits. Real unemployment is at epidemic levels. A record number of American’s have dropped out of the work force, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives very skewed numbers to keep “Big Business” and Wall St. happy. Mark Twain said it best: “There are lies, damn lies, then statistics.” I can take any measurement and make it look pretty and prosperous, or I can make it look doom and gloomy. To give an example, 100% of cancer patients drink water.

The American people need real leadership, and real answers to our problems. In your weekly address dated February 8th, 2014, you stated “I’ve got a pen and a phone… a pen to take executive action, and a phone to rally the citizens.”


If you want to use your pen or use your phone, then may I make the following suggestions that will bring real change to this country and foster the resurrection of the middle class in America.

First, American’s are spending more and more in energy costs. My co-op’s electric rates have nearly doubled in the past three years going from seven cents a kilowatt hour in 2011 to almost fourteen cents a kilowatt hour in 2014. The price at the pump has soared to an average of $3.30/gal and there is no relief in sight. There are shortages in heating fuels across the nation due to companies and municipalities relying on skewed statistics advancing a “global warming” hoax that has caught many Americans with their pants down and leaving them in very vulnerable and compromising positions because they couldn’t or didn’t adequately prepare for a cold winter.

The renewed fuel boom in America can offer real “hope and change” in this country if more of that fuel was made available in the U.S. instead of being sold on the international market. An increased supply and lowered demand will foster a decrease in prices if the market is allowed to function the way it’s supposed to. Relax environmental regulations that are being promulgated and executed based on flawed “science” or agendas. Allow coal plants to run without being strangled by restrictive and unrealistic policy. Offer incentives for all Americans to bring about new innovations in technology without being snuffed out by big oil or other corporate interests. Nikola Tesla figured out how to pull free energy from the vacuum of space/time over one hundred years ago. Free America and humanity on its reliance of these traditional fuels by allowing TRUE innovation to take place unhindered

Use your pen by doing away with needless and unconstitutional governmental bureaucracies like the Dept. of Education. At its creation in 1953 as the Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare, the U.S. was by far and away the number one country in the world in mathematics. According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) 2012 Programme for International Student Assessment, the U.S. has dropped from 1st in 1953 to 31st in 2012. This is the result of a flawed philosophy that government can take the responsibility of educating our young people away from the parents because government knows better. This has had disastrous results on our ability to find qualified people to fill critical positions, has stifled advancement, and has created a greater dependence on social safety nets because our young people are ill prepared for the realities of the world. Put the responsibility of education back in the hands of the People.

If a social safety net is to remain in place, then it must not encourage people to stagnate and not seek something better for themselves and their families. I would promote workfare vice welfare and require people to work on Federal and State infrastructure projects that improve our crumbling infrastructure. This will put people back to work and give them something to be proud of. They can look back to their children and grandchildren and say ” I helped build that bridge, or road, or high speed rail.” It will bring about a resurgence in national pride, which is sorely lacking.

This country was founded on two very basic principles: mutual respect, and personal responsibility. The U.S. government has done nothing but foster many caustic divisions whether it be through the myth that there is more than one race on this planet, or by fostering the decimation of the middle class by bowing to the whim of “Big Business” and Wall St. You can stop this tomorrow by choosing to end being a “puppet” of your corporate/Wall St. masters and leading by example, without fear of retribution but always with a humble spirit.

You can end the countless illegal wars that we wage on behalf of the bankers corporations and foster a foreign policy that encourages economic growth and partnerships that doesn’t ship millions of manufacturing jobs overseas. We have killed more people in the name of “freedom and democracy” than Hitler would have ever dreamed of killing. We have waged war under false pretenses under the watch of countless Presidents including yourself. You can change all of that by doing something that would be a first in the eyes of 20th and 21st century American history… you can tell the truth.

Simply telling the truth is such an important part of what you can do to change America for the better. The American people have a hunger and a thirst for the truth now more than ever before. Kindly do a package check and do what YOU think is best for the American people. Don’t base your decisions on powerful corporate and banking interests. Be respectful to the Constitution that you swore an oath to, and ensure that the law applies equally to everyone. That means from the President (you) down to the millions of Americans on “Main St.”.

If it is your job to simply implode America and bring the quality of life, the cost of living, and the wages to 3rd world status, you are well on your way. If it is your job to bring about a police state that puts Nazi Germany and other fascist dictatorships to shame, you are there. BUT; if it is your intention to truly change things for the better, then you will listen to the folks you talk most about…. the lower and middle class American’s who are struggling now more than ever before. You will promulgate REAL policy and REAL solutions that will revive the U.S. and bring back the prosperity that we enjoyed in the 20th century. The choice is yours.

Joe Joseph


Joe Joseph is the host of ‘The Freedom Link’ on the Truth Frequency Radio Network. Listen to his broadcast every Monday – Friday at 8pm EST/5pm PST.

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