Obamacare's Evolution Increases Confusion

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Friend —

Meet Jerry:

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Jerry runs a trucking business in Arkansas. He is one of millions of Americans who has received a notice saying that his health care plan is being cancelled because of ObamaCare.

But Jerry has also heard reports from his state insurance commissioner that all cancelled plans are being extended for two more years. However, he hasn’t received ANY confirmation of this extension.
The Affordable Care Act has left Jerry — and millions of other Americans — confused and frustrated by the “make-it-up-as-we-go” antics of the Obama administration as they react to the many problems in their health care law.
Two REALLY quick things you can do right now to help:
1. WATCH Jerry’s story here. I’m sure it will hit close to home for many of you.
2. FORWARD this email to 3 friends so they can learn more about the negative impact ObamaCare is having on real people. (You’ll be doing them a HUGE favor!)

It’s disappointing that so many politicians, like Senator Mark Pryor in Arkansas, have chosen to stand by a barely-functioning piece of legislation rather than the people they’re supposed to represent.
Thank you for helping us make sure that Jerry’s voice is being heard across the country — and as always, thanks for your commitment to healthcare freedom.

Keep it up,

Tim Phillips
Americans for Prosperity President

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