Ron Paul’s Reaction to the Standoff in Nevada with Federal Officials | Ron Paul Channel


Ron Paul’s Reaction to the Standoff in Nevada with Federal Officials | Ron Paul Channel.

April 14, 2014 – I’ve had a lot of questions asked of me about the episode out in Nevada. I was happy to hear about the federal officials backing off because I was concerned that violence might break out. In many ways, the people spoke out after determining that the federal government had overstepped itself and fortunately their presence did not result in violence. However, I worry about whether or not this is all over because you have the sort of on-again, off-again situation like that of Waco which, of course, ended in violence. I’m hoping that the federal officials don’t come back determined to use violence to remove this family from this house and this land.

This is a typical example of when everyone owns a piece of land and no one does all at the same time. They sort of have an agreement – a lease – where they have been raising cattle on this land for 130 years then all of sudden the rules change. This type of problem wouldn’t happen in Texas because all the land is owned privately. Its makes the point that no one really knows who is in charge. It makes the point that state and private ownership would have prevented this type of problem.

There’s two things that come out of this: one, when the American people speak out, their voices can be heard and can effect what government is doing. Two, it empathizes the value of privateproperty and ownership rather than having collective ownership by a government.

As much as I’d like to see this as a victory for the people, I’m afraid the government has more guns, more power and more determination to express their authoritarianism. They will be back and that means a confrontation between the people and those in our government undermining our liberties – the confrontation will continue.

Editorial note: Dr. Paul’s statement was given via phone to an RPC staffer and subsequently transcribed. Continue to check in with for more on this developing story.

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