Hey Harry, What About Elijah Cummings and Lois Lerner and Americans Not Getting Away with Breaking the Law?

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By Fred DeRuvo

Harry Reid is confused. He believes that the premeditated murders of service personnel at Ft. Hood to be rightly classified as “workplace violence,” in keeping with the Obama administration’s rule to not bring negative attention to Islam and Muslims. At the same time, Reid also believes that those who stand against the federal government in a display of patriotism against the overreach of that federal government are “domestic terrorists.”

When you let Saul Alinsky’s words of advice loose on society, directed and used by people of no moral character, what you wind up with is a nation of leaders who are little more than treasonous cowards. They say one thing and do another, like the Pharisees of old with whom Jesus was constantly at odds. The fact that they did everything they could to kill Him is no different from all the rumors swirling around many of those politicians who live on the left side of aisle. Whether they are killing businesses or ruining the lives of patriots, nothing is beneath them in order to obtain their agenda.

Yet, we have people like Elijah Cummings and Lois Lerner who also live in a different legal sphere. They believe (or at least, want us to believe) that what they do is in the best interest of America. This is in spite of the fact that they break the law routinely, yet rail against those who try to bring those episodes of law-breaking to the surface.

Since nearly the beginning of the Congressional hearings related to the alleged IRS abuses, Cummings has done everything he can to close things down. He has been vocal in his disappointment and frustration regarding Issa’s handling of the matter. For a short time, it appeared as though Cummings was going to get his wish, but then – unfortunately for him and Lois Lerner – emails bubbled to the surface pointing to a collusion between Cummings’ office, the IRS, the DOJ, and conservative groups seeking non-profit status – specifically 501 (c) 4 status).

The tragedy here is that Cummings will continue to insist that neither he nor his staff have done anything wrong at all. But the emails may prove otherwise and, at the very least, appear to indicate that Lois Lerner’s IRS office funneled information about True the Vote directly to Cummings’ office. Baltimore Sun columnist David Zurawik noted this about the situation.

“As I watched Tuesday while the anchors on “Fox & Friends” leveled unsubstantiated charges against Rep. Elijah Cummings as if they were facts, I couldn’t help thinking how much more dangerous Sen. Joe McCarthy might have been in the 1950s if there had been a show like this to amplify his reckless allegations.”

Sounds like Mr. Zurawik places no faith in those emails and believes they are fake/phony unless proven otherwise. Yeah, there’s some great journalism there, Mr. Zurawik. Thank you for helping us see your bias. Zurawik went onto liken the recent email revelations with accusations made by Steve Doocy (anchor) regarding an alleged quote from Barack Obama making it sound as though Obama was assailing Mitt Romney’s character.

The problem, of course, is that in this case, we appear to have actual emails written by Lerner to Cummings’ office. But since Cummings is also from Baltimore, I can certainly see why Zurawik would want to go to bat for him. Zurawik concludes with the following statement. “[W]hat the full range of emails, which were made available by the IRS in response to requests from the committee, actually shows is Cummings staffers asking for “publicly available information” on True The Vote. That would be information available to anyone.”

Really? If that was true, then I cannot imagine True the Vote’s legal counsel being so stupid as to complain about Cummings and Lerner if in fact, what Cummings asked for and received was perfectly legal. It also has to do with the fact that Cummings intentionally stated that neither he nor his staff had made any inquiries to the IRS about True the Vote. In essence, Cummings lied during a Congressional hearing. I’m sure that’s no big deal to Mr. Zurawik, but in lying, Cummings broke the law since it was later determined that he had in fact, inquired of the IRS.

As True the Vote’s legal counsel indicated, there is “information shows the IRS and Cummings’ staff asked for nearly identical information from True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht about her organization, indicating coordination and improper sharing of confidential taxpayer information.”

The legal counsel for True the Vote accuses Cummings of asking for and receiving information that was confidential. This means that if it was truly confidential, then John Q. Public cannot simply go in and obtain that information. Either True the Vote’s counsel is wrong or Zurawik is wrong. I’m guessing the latter.

“The first contact between the IRS and Cummings’ staffers about True the Vote happened in August 2012. In January 2013, staff asked for more information from the IRS about the group. Former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS Lois Lerner went out of her way to try and get information to Cummings’ office.The information Cummings received was not shared with Majority Members on the Committee.”

Again, the information Cummings received was deliberately not shared with the rest of the committee investigating the IRS situation. Apparently, columnist David Zurawik has no problem with that. I do. It shows a desire to keep hidden things that should become public.

At the very least, Cummings lied and then deliberately kept critical information about his communication with the IRS a secret. People who wrongly believe there is nothing wrong with this are simply part of the problem. No wonder Lerner has been busy pleading the fifth.

I wonder though what Harry Reid might say to Elijah Cummings about Americans not getting away with breaking the law? So far, we’ve heard nothing because Reid is too busy focusing on the Bundy situation and there is likely much more to be uncovered there. Harry Reid has his hands full most likely trying to cover his own tracks.

Let’s work hard to get these peons out of office once and for all.

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Hey Harry, What About Elijah Cummings and Lois Lerner and Americans Not Getting Away with Breaking the Law?
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