Do “Something” – If It’s the Right Something

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Congress is back, but not for long, according to The Washington Post:

Fewer than 200 days remain until Nov. 4, when Republicans are expected to expand their majority in the House. Democrats are fighting to maintain their narrow majority in the Senate. Congress will convene for about 60 days in the next six months as all members of the House and 36 senators continue campaigning. In the next five weeks, the House will meet for just 15 days with a weeklong Mother’s Day break in between. The Senate plans to work four consecutive weeks before spending a week at home for Memorial Day.

Typically around this point in a congressional cycle, legislators are expected to tackle a few high-profile items while walking on eggshells to survive in November.

Check out the full article here.

Reading the piece, I couldn’t help but think of an image we’ve posted on Campaign for Liberty’s Facebook page:


Legislators are criticized for their frequent trips out of town, but history has shown liberty to be far safer during the breaks, when the House and Senate’s only purpose is to be viewed by tourists.  A “do-something” Congress is desirable when that something is to defend liberty, uphold the Constitution, and roll back Big Government.  So C4L is continuing to press for votes on liberty-advancing bills such as Audit the Fed.  And with politicians’ eyes on job security, sustained and overwhelming grassroots pressure is critical to demonstrate the strength of support for key issues so that when Congress does act, freedom benefits.

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Do “Something” – If It’s the Right Something
Matthew Hawes
Mon, 28 Apr 2014 23:36:59 GMT

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