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Beyond the technology companies who have been involved in the NSA spying program revealed by Edward Snowden via Glenn Greenwald at The Guardian, there is a large list of corporations who are providing essential services to the NSA.

Many of them aren’t publicly known as much of the spending is done on “black budgets.” But thanks to leaks by Snowden, it has been revealed that as much as 70% of the US intelligence budget goes to private contractors. (via policymic)
While earning a living and ensuring that a company provides a great return for investors is a proper function, helping the greatest violation of human privacy in the history of the world is not.
We will add companies to this list as research and information reveals them. Please help us dig for facts as well. If you know of a corporate contract with NSA, contact us to let us know!
Georgia Power “is the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest generators of electricity.” It provides electricity to the NSA spying facility in Augusta, Georgia.
“Before a partnership in 2006 with Georgia Power, outages were a regular occurrence on post, particularly during the summer, when heavy demands were placed on the system.” (Augusta Chronicle)
SourceAmerica (formerly NISH) is a nonprofit organization that fits agency needs with the skills of job seekers with disabilities. It is providing grounds maintenance and snow removal contractors in Utah. (via DefenseOne)
Corporate Office Properties Trust (COPT), a publicly traded company based in Maryland, owns the forthcoming San Antonio facility, the Texas Cryptologic Center, and leases it to the NSA. (viaHouston Chronicle)
Vupen is a French hacking tools company, under contract with the NSA (via Mashable)
Intercontinental Hotels operate the hotel rooms at Fort Gordon. “The company has upgraded rooms, added wireless Internet, accommodated pets and improved customer service.” they’ve done a “phenomenal job” and allowed Fort Gordon to focus on its core mission. (Augusta Chronicle)
Rocky Mountain Power provides electricity to the new Utah Data Center in Bluffdale, UT. “Utah’s largest electric utility has known for several years the Utah Data Center would need a lot of energy to power its huge banks of computers. That gave Rocky Mountain Power ample time to ensure it had the resources to meet that additional demand on its system.” (via Salt Lake Tribune)
SAIC has a somewhat symbiotic relationship with the NSA: The agency is the company’s largest single customer, and SAIC is the NSA’s largest contractor. (via crocodyl)
Big-D Construction is one of three major contractors who built the Utah Data Center (via Wired) and reports are that they’ll be in a continuing relationship to service the center’s facilities as needed.
SI International, Inc. of McLean, Va., is a key NSA contractor now owned by Serco Inc. of the UK, the world’s largest outsourcing company. SI runs some of the NSA’s support and management functions. Its niche is advising intelligence and defense agencies on their acquisition and outsourcing strategies. (via crocodyl)
Narus, Part of Boeing – developed and provides the software “programs that conduct “deep packet inspection,” examining Internet traffic as it passes through the 10-gigabit-per-second cables at the speed of light.” (via Wired)
Baltimore Gas and Electric provides the electricity to NSA HQ in Maryland. In 2006, the grid was maxed out, encouraging the agency to look to other locations in order to continue its “mission” and expand it. “The cost of electricity at Fort Meade, provided by Baltimore Gas and Electric, was probably one of NSA’s single biggest expenses, said Matthew Aid, author of The Secret Sentry:
The Untold History of the National Security Agency (Bloomsbury Press, 2009). He estimated the agency could end up spending 95 percent less on electricity in Utah than in Maryland.” (via NextGov)
BAE Systems has been awarded a multi-year $127 million contract to provide infrastructure and software development support to the National Security Agency’s (NSA) High Performance Computing Infrastructure Group. (via BusinessWire)
Zachary Piper hires cable technicians to pull, terminate, and test miles and miles of copper and fiber cables for NSA in Utah.
Hensel Phelps and Kiewit – this joint venture has been awarded a design-build contract for the new Maryland-based “High Performance Computing Center 2 (HPCC2) via DataCenterDynamics)
exp Federal, Inc. provides facilities security escorts and guides to the Utah Data Center.
Raytheon developed and operates the NSA’s “Perfect Citizen” program (via CNET)
Arrowhead Global Solutions is a leading provider of satellite and terrestrial telecommunications, professional services, server-based communication networks and integrated information technology solutions. It is awarded contracts with the NSA regularly.
SI International provides human resources support services (viaPRNewswire) at NSA HQ and potentially elsewhere.
CPS Energy, Texas
General Dynamics
L-3 Communications
Harris Corporation
Dakota State University
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Oppose Corporations Helping NSA Spying
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