Report: White House Openly Committing Crimes Covering Up Benghazi [VIDEO]

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Report: White House Openly Committing Crimes Covering Up Benghazi [VIDEO] White House officials are sweating bullets as more and more information comes to light indicating the Obama administration has been committing crimes in their attempt to cover up involvement in the Benghazi scandal.
The criminal behavior the White House is being accused of is tied to recent emails obtained by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.
While over 100 pages of material has been released, there is one particular email that many are calling the “smoking gun” that proves Obama’s administration lied about the cause of Benghazi in order to protect the president’s image during his presidential campaign. The email was sent by White House aide Ben Rhodes to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice.
The purpose of the message was to prepare Rice for appearances on Sunday morning talk shows and underscored the importance of stressing that the protests, which they claim as the cause of the attack, resulted from anger over an Internet video, not a “failure of policy.”
According to Judge Andrew Napolitano, the timing and intentions of this email could be a violation of federal law. During an appearance on Fox and Friends, Napolitano explained:
“If that email was intended for and sent to the [Obama] campaign by Mr. Rhodes, that’s a felony. That’s a violation of the Hatch Act, which is a federal statute that prohibits all federal employees except two from engaging in politics on the job. And those two are the president and vice president, not anyone that works for them.”
He said that type of information will never be uncovered unless there is a special prosecutor, but that would have to be appointed by Attorney General Eric Holder. The judge called the new emails “a turning point” in the scandal, adding he was “disappointed” in Carney’s statements yesterday.
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that the email was not released to Congress, even though a subpoena was issued requesting this kind of information, because it was not specifically about Benghazi, but the “general dynamic in the Muslim world at the time.”
Of course, that begs the question as to why the White House tried so hard to keep the email from being released, forcing an FOIA lawsuit to have it declassified.
As each day passes it is become clear that Obama and his cronies are breaking the law in order to save their skins and bury the truth about what happened in Benghazi. Those who are involved in this cover up need to be prosecuted and brought to justice, and the president should be impeached for either condoning, or refusing to hold accountable, those responsible for this tragedy.
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