Op American Spring False Flag Alert!


(Before It’s News)
Before It’s News is putting out a HUGE false-flag alert for Operation American Spring this weekend after receiving an email from a concerned Before It’s News reader who calls out one of the regional OAS leaders as a Harry Reid supporter and confidant. Before It’s News is publishing the connections to Harry Reid below this newly released and viral video from Dahboo7, who puts out the same false flag warning. As one person comments on this linked Russia Today story.:
They plant one crazy progressive in there and he shoots at the police or something they will use it as an excuse to mow everyone down and hunt libertarians down across the country.
An insider on the Operation American Spring event has learned information about one of its leaders who apparently has ties to the solar project in Nevada which came to light during the Cliven Bundy affair of which Harry Reid was alleged to be involved in.
Information I received:
Recent research about — is not as he represents himself, and very likely a lobbyist inside DC, with — being involved in a series of companies that are contrary to his repeated representations of —.
First there was discovery of his seafood company, in Virginia, dealing in Stone Crab, Blue Crab, Alaskan King,Dungeness Crab,Opelia Crab. Note the company name, H&K Seafood.
Second, — was discovered to be the primary officer of a company in Las Vegas Nevada, H&K Consulting, LLC.  Note the name consistency with the seafood company. Note also that — is the company contact, but he is in Moneta, Virginia.
Third this H&K Consulting, and the consistent H&K name,  appears tied to an engineering company in Las Vegas by the name of, Holdredge & Kull, with the website address of HandK.net (note the naming consistency).  Among Holdrege & Kull’s areas of engineering expertise is…. solar farm construction… just like what Harry Reid wants to install near the Bundy Ranch.  Below is one of the images from H and K’s webpage  banners.

Op American Spring False Flag Alert!
Fri, 16 May 2014 17:15:16 GMT

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