Florida couple fined thousands of dollars, threatened with jail time for feeding the homeless

Florida couple fined thousands of dollars, threatened with jail time for feeding the homeless

What we have here is out-of-control, police-state government at its worst.  A Florida couple is going to court after being fined thousands of dollars and threatened with jail time for feeding the homeless in their community.
from NBC:

Debbie and Chico Jimenez openly admit committing the act that earned them two citations apiece: feeding more than 100 people who are homeless in Daytona Beach.
Police in Daytona Beach also threatened them with arrest and incarceration, if they offer any more of their home-cooked meals at Manatee Island Park, a gathering the Jimenezes say they’ve hosted every Wednesday for the past year.
“The worst thing is, these are people we have grown to love, they’ve become like family to us, and now we’re not allowed to go down and do that anymore. It’s just heartbreaking. I have cried and cried and cried,” said Debbie Jimenez, 52, a retired auto parts store manager. She and her husband, 60, a retired construction manager, operate New Smyrna Beach-based ministry called “Spreading the Word Without Saying a Word.”
“One of our (homeless) friends said that Wednesday is just not going to be Wednesday anymore,” Debbie Jimenez added. “We were given 10 days to either pay the fine or tell them we’re going to court. We’re going to court. The police don’t like it. But how can we turn our backs on the hungry? We can’t.”
In all, police officers ticketed six people, including four volunteers who helped the Jimenezes on Wednesday – one of them, a man in a wheelchair who recently escaped homelessness and participated “to pay it forward,” Debbie Jimenez said. The fines levied by authorities total $2,238.

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The police claim that some of the homeless people have been gathering in the park in a drunk and disorderly fashion, and thus they’re taking it out on the compassionate people who are trying to better the situation.
This is a perfect example of big government vs private charity.  Statist government hates private charity because it does not allow officials the luxury of control.
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