Laws and Laws and Laws


by David Griffith
The Law of non interference. I looked it up and it didn’t make a lot of sense to me.
Oh – it’s a spiritual law. Yes – everyone is on their own spiritual journey – however dimly perceived it be and we have no right to interfere – unless asked. Does that have to be verbally expressed?
I’ll accept that this may be true for aliens visiting Earth who don’t want to be mistaken for the panacea of all that ails mankind.
I’ve found breath taking selfishness at all levels of society and although I’ve visited no mansions, hovels I know.
We had what is called an intervention here in Australia and did it kick in some furious debate. Did we have the right to prohibit – to a large degree – the massive sale of alcohol into vulnerable Aboriginal out stations and communities when the damage done is obvious to all but the venal and the stupid.
“Freedom of choice.” goes up the cry with echoes of “Dignity of risk” and yet – and yet – an Aboriginal voice cries out the truth of the matter.
To paraphrase : if your family were disintegrating before your eyes – from many causes undoubtably – would you accept that continuous drunken behaviour was somehow a ‘freedom of choice’ issue?
You’d take the steps needed to rectify the situation. You would fail in your duty as a parent or a family member if you did otherwise.
None of us are so inherently daft that we can’t recognise evil consequence when we see it.
The law of non interference isn’t a law. It’s a general guide and probably stated as a law to perhaps prevent us from wasting our resources and getting into ‘deep shit.’
I was brought up with a degree of such folk wisdom as “If you’ve got nothing nice to say about a person then say nothing at all.”
It’s got echoes of  “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” and I understand that in a similar way as I do ” For God’s sake please don’t discuss politics or religion at the dinner table.”
Judgement and discrimination aren’t even related concepts as I understand it. I don’t judge but I do discriminate.
So it’s often about ‘polite and decorum’ and it saddens me to call anything evil – evil doesn’t like to be publicly named as such – but I find myself – in one lifetime having great sympathy, as a child, for the poor Jews of the Second World War….. and then losing it. I didn’t lose the sympathy for wrongs done but gained a horror as the state of Israel used the same tactics as the Nazis did in order to fulfill their aims.
Rwanda had a holocaust as did Cambodia as did millions more elsewhere. They don’t get a mention in the world press – neither does Palestine.
Re-incarnated Nazis or otherwise infest Israel and play out their miserable games of superiority just as others have done over eons no doubt.
Do I hide behind some spiritual law which the Divine has not made known to me except by virtue of ‘You could shorten this particular life by speaking up.’
Meanwhile, in Gaza ……
There are limits to everything – apart from the Divine – and polite doesn’t cut it anymore. You don’t personally have to take action now, speak up or be revealed. Different times at different moments for different folks applies.
That, I think I understand.
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Laws and Laws and Laws
David Griffith
Tue, 13 May 2014 14:28:35 GMT

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