BREAKING: Republicans to Roll Back Michelle Obama’s Insane “Lunch” Rules

BREAKING: Republicans to Roll Back Michelle Obama’s Insane “Lunch” Rules

There are a number of problems facing our nation’s government run public school system, not least of which are the abysmal common core standards that are dumbing down the kids of America, and disarmed victim zones, better known as gun free zones.
Despite these problems, and many more, the biggest ‘issue’ that was able to garner the full attention of the First Lady Michelle Obama is the school lunch program, and her attempts at forcing healthy lunches on unwilling students.
But students have rejected Michelle and her healthy lunches, and have shown just how out of touch she is, as if we didn’t already know from her comments about gun control in Chicago, or complaining about her lack of travel while on vacation.
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Now, having witnessed the massive backlash and rejection of ‘healthy lunches’ by students across the country, House Republicans are moving to roll back and delay some of Michelle Obama’s ridiculously unrealistic school lunch mandates, according to the AP.

The Agriculture Department will allow some schools to delay adding more whole-grains to meals this year, responding to criticism from school nutrition officials and Congress that the standards were too difficult to put in place.
The delay comes hours after a Republican-led House spending panel criticized the Obama administration’s healthier school-lunch standards and proposed letting some schools opt out of them entirely.

The USDA is allowing a two-year delay in the whole grains mandate for schools that can prove they face “significant challenges” implementing the new standards on lunches.

“Schools raised legitimate concerns that acceptable whole-grain rich pasta products were not available,” said Kevin Concannon, USDA undersecretary for food, nutrition and consumer services. “We worked to find a solution which will allow more time for industry to develop products that will work for schools.”
While many students have adapted easily to whole grain breads and rolls, which have been on the market for some time, school nutrition directors say they are having a harder time with pastas, biscuits, tortillas and grits – all popular items on the lunch line. The current requirement is that 50 percent of all grain products be whole-grain rich, but that is set to jump to 100 percent in the next school year.

The move is being supported by the School Nutrition Association, which represents companies and school nutrition directors involved in school lunches.

“Getting students to accept whole grain pasta is just one of many challenges school meal programs have faced under USDA regulations,” said Leah Schmidt, president of the group.

The waivers for schools to opt-out of the new healthy lunch requirements is part of a GOP funding bill for agriculture and food programs.

Championed by first lady Michelle Obama, the healthier standards have been phased in over the last two school years, with more changes coming in 2014.The first lady held a call to rally supporters Monday.
In addition to whole grain requirements, the rules set fat, calorie, sugar and sodium limits on foods in the lunch line and beyond. While many schools have had success putting the rules in place, others have said they are too restrictive and costly.
Rep. Robert Aderholt, the Alabama Republican who is chairman of the agriculture appropriations panel, said the school lunch rules have “upset the economics of the school meals program by driving the cost of the plate up while pushing participation down.”

Of course, the USDA spokesman criticized the move as political, despite the fact that the USDA themselves have adjusted the healthy lunch standards after mass complaints and protests by hungry students.

“With one third of American children fighting obesity, we cannot accept politically motivated efforts to undermine standards and deny kids healthier options,” he said.

This is good news, and a good step in the right direction.  Michelle Obama’s healthy lunch program may have had the good intentions of combating childhood obesity, but the implementation was done entirely wrong.  Placing mandates on schools to meet unrealistic requirements and goals that don’t take into account the wishes of the students, the ones that have to actually eat these lunches that they don’t want, is just another example of one-size-fits-all big government, and has only resulted in higher costs for schools and wasted lunches as kids throw away the grains, fruits and vegetables that they didn’t want but were forced to take.
Nobody really opposes healthy lunches for school children.  The difference is that we believe the decisions about what constitutes the makings of a healthy school lunch should be left up to the state departments of education, individual schools and school districts, and the parents of the school children.
And of course, it all comes down to what the kids actually want to eat too, something that local schools can better determine for themselves, and not some bureaucrats in Washington DC.
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