VIDEO: Mike Lee Wants To Take On Cronyism; While Skiing With Lobbyists? | Ben Swann Truth In Media

VIDEO: Mike Lee Wants To Take On Cronyism; While Skiing With Lobbyists? | Ben Swann Truth In Media.

Mike Lee says the Republican Party could become a majority party again by taking on crony capitalism and he’s right. The only problem is Republicans love the crony system and Mike Lee appears to as well.

Sen. Mike Lee has been a Tea Party and Liberty favorite since becoming a Senator in the state of Utah. He recently came out saying,

“If Republicans want to grow their party into a national majority, we must begin, as Reagan did in 1981, by confronting our present crisis: America’s large and growing Opportunity Deficit, namely, immobility among the poor and insecurity in the middle class,”

He went on to say,

“Far from some kind of romantic purity test or campaign gimmick, anti-cronyist reform is at once pro-growth, principled, and popular. Indeed, it is essential to transforming our movement into a majority,”

Mike Lee is right, anti-cronyist reform is badly needed but is he the man to lead that charge? I told you recently about a bill that Senator Lindsey Graham and Jason Chaffetz of Utah are pushing in order to ban internet gambling. The bill was created by a lobbyist for Sheldon Adelson the owner of the Venetian Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. That bill would not only ban internet gambling moving forward but would also make it illegal in states where it is legal now.

Senator Lee is among those pushing for the bill which doesn’t seek to ban are casinos, including the attempt by Adleson to open a new casino in Florida. Cronyism… using the power of law to eliminate competition for the very powerful.

CNN recently caught Mike Lee holding a special ski weekend specifically for lobbyists which included unfettered access and Drew Griffen, the CNN reporter asked Lee about why he was giving access to the politically connected and powerful.

Watch the video for Lee’s response.

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