BREAKING: Allen West Calls for Articles of Impeachment Against Barack H. Obama

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Allen West calls for impeachment

BREAKING: Allen West Calls for Articles of Impeachment Against Barack H. Obama

Former Florida Representative and retired Army Colonel Allen West has always been an outspoken critic of the President, his misguided policies, and his unconstitutional and criminal actions.

He has called President Obama a liar and a disgrace, has accused him of “potential treason” in Benghazi, and has called for his impeachment because he has broken his oath of office.

West is speaking out again, this time regarding the prisoner swap that Obama orchestrated that provided material support to the Taliban by releasing five of their most dangerous guys, in direct violation of a law that required Congressional approval first.

Allen West is calling for the House of Representatives to draw up Articles of Impeachment over Obama’s handling of the prisoner swap for the missing, and presumed deserter, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, according to the Washington Times.

“We acquiesced to the demands of a terrorist organization,” he said, Breitbart first reported. “Without a doubt, this is an impeachable offense. This represents aiding and abetting the enemy, this is a high crime and misdemeanor, and the United States House of Representatives should draw up articles of impeachment on the president on this incident.”

West also addressed claims by National Security Adviser Susan Rice that Bergdahl served “with honor and distinction”.

“Desertion in a combat operation is a credible, punishable offense, and they’re going to have to bring those charges up against Bergdahl,” Mr. West said in the interview. “There is no way we can trust Susan Rice. … She is a delusional liar, that’s the only thing you can say.”

Of course Allen West is right.  This is just the latest example of why Barack Obama is a “domestic enemy” who must be impeached.

Former prosecutor Andrew McCarthy recently released a book that lays out the political and legal case for drawing up Articles of Impeachment against Obama.  Perhaps he will have to go back and add a postscript about this gross violation of the law that has released dangerous terrorists back into the world to kill again.

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Wed, 04 Jun 2014 17:45:16 GMT

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