Famous Actor on Obama: “Who Could Support This Loser Anymore?”

Famous Actor on Obama: “Who Could Support This Loser Anymore?”

The American people are watching city after city in Iraq fall to radical jihadists as they set up a caliphate, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  This is directly attributable to the fantastical and misguided foreign policypursued by President Obama, which led to our precipitous pull-out of Iraq before the Iraqis were ready to defend their own country themselves.
Many of the cities that are falling under the tyranny of the global jihad are the same cities purchased with American blood, limbs and lives.  They are now lost to the radical Islamists that were armed by Obama in their fight against Assad in Syria.
This is nothing short of anti-American treason on the part of the President, who has provided “material support” to the enemies of this country in the form of arms, supplies and released prisoners who have rejoined the fight against us.
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People are outraged and speaking up about what is happening now in Iraq.  Award-winning actor James Woods put out a series of tweets about the dire situation, placing the blame squarely on Obama, where it belongs. (H/T WZ)
James Woods Op
Of course, James Woods is right.  It is inconceivable how anybody can still support Obama when his failures on the world stage are so glaringly obvious.
The Obama administration has proven to be grossly incompetent, especially regarding foreign policy.  America has lost respect and prestige in the eyes of the world, and we are downsizing and retreating in the face of our enemy’s advances.
Whether one agreed with the Iraq war in the first place or not doesn’t matter anymore.  The problem was created by our intervention, then greatly exacerbated by Obama’s policies.  He took a bad decision and made it worse.  He pulled our troops out before Iraq was ready, and now the failure of that fledgling country rests solely on Obama’s shoulders now.

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Famous Actor on Obama: “Who Could Support This Loser Anymore?”
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