Ron Paul: The State Is Not God

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Ron Paul on collectivism’s collapse, Common Core and more

Ron Paul: The State Is Not God

In this exclusive interview with Infowars, former congressman and presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul breaks down how politicians use public education, particularly with Common Core, to create a dumbed down population unaware of their rights and how parents can counter it with a homeschooling curriculum based on the ideas of liberty.
[youtube] The Common Core State Standards Initiative is a set of grade school academic standards that the Obama administration has successfully coerced over 40 states to adopt, resulting in a massive federal takeover of public education at the state and local levels.
“…Common Core is an example of how the federal government wants to take over, totally and completely, the educational system,” Dr. Paul said. “They’ve been doing this for a long time, I mean for more than 50 years they’ve encroached upon control of local schools with the federal government getting involved back even in the 50s with the Department of Education – HEW [Department of Health, Education, and Welfare] – being established.”
“Common Core is really the last straw and people are very upset about it because they [federal officials] want to set the standards for the curricula for every single school, which means control over the individual education of all the children.”
It has already reduced the quality of education at public schools significantly.
Back in April, Ohio kindergarteners were asked to solve a math problem that did not allow them to provide the right answer.
“Count and tell how many pieces of fruit. Write the number,” the assignment’s directions stated, but the math problem only included 19 countable apples despite the fact that it was entitled “Count and Write 20.”
And last year, a Common Core curriculum coordinator told parents that kids could give the completely wrong answer to math problems and still be counted correct if they explained their answer.
“Even if they said, ’3 x 4 was 11,’ if they were able to explain their reasoning and explain how they came up with their answer really in, umm, words and oral explanation, and they showed it in the picture but they just got the final number wrong, we’re really more focused on the how,” the coordinator said.
But what’s really concerning is how the Obama administration – or any sequential administration for that matter – can use Common Core to erode people’s knowledge of their birth rights and indoctrinate them into supporting unrestrained government.
One high school “history” textbook did just that in its section on the Bill of Rights, which stated that Americans only have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.
The government grows at the expense of liberty, and if school children are indoctrinated at a young age to disregard many of their birth rights, they will not resist when the state takes them away.
“[Common Core] is just trying to make people obedient to the state,” Dr. Paul added.
Fortunately, there are homeschooling alternatives to public education that are now on the rise.
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Ron Paul: The State Is Not God
Sun, 15 Jun 2014 22:30:12 GMT

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