Monsanto Security Tries to Block Reporters at Headquarters

Monsanto Security Tries to Block Reporters at Headquarters

By Aaron Dykes on June 24, 2014

Despite preaching “transparency” in its corporate policy, Monsanto is so secretive it has worked overtime behind the scenes to block GMO labeling, influence politicians and intimidate free speech – even outside its own headquarters.

‘[youtube] Monsanto – often dubbed “The World’s Most Evil Corporation” is a $15 billion U.S.-based multinational agrochemical and genetically modified seed company. Despite the fact that millions all over the world consume Monsanto’s GM seeds hidden in unlabeled food products every day – primarily in the form of GMO corn, soy, oil and beet sugar – the people of the United States and other parts of the globe are not allowed to know what they are eating. This is to the outrageous point that the company’s lobbying firm is suing the State of Vermont for trying to mandate GMO labeling (after voters demanded it).
Yet, one of Monsanto’s own official tenets in its company “pledge” is transparency.
But Truthstream reporters found out the hard way that the company is very protective of its image, of public information about its operations and of its political clout.
THIS VIDEO shows what happens when you try to film on a public sidewalk outside Monsanto’s world headquarters in Creve Couer, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis) – where no parking signs and restrictive city ordinances have already attempted to intimidate and shutter public demonstrations and news reporters.
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Monsanto Security Tries to Block Reporters at Headquarters
Aaron Dykes
Tue, 24 Jun 2014 09:42:53 GMT

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