Immoral hypocrisy of Democrat’s late-term abortion bill

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Immoral hypocrisy of Democrat’s late-term abortion bill

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If there is any indicator that the Democrats are concerned about the impending midterm elections, look no further than their recent legislative endeavor. When in doubt, they go for a divisive issue, especially one aligned with the faux War on Women.
Funny how Democrats are using the compassion argument when it comes to the flood of illegal immigrant children into America. Yet they have no compassion for the thriving, healthy, but unborn American child who they support being butchered. What immoral hypocrisy — but all for political gain. It’s despicable.
As Chris Stirewalt writes for, ” Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., is leading a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, a vote probably to be taken this week, on his bill that would override the laws banning late-term abortions and imposing regulations on abortion clinics in an increasing number of states.”
Stirewalt says “of course what Blumenthal doesn’t to address is that many of these “restrictions” were put in place after the horrific Dr. Kermit Gosnell case in Philadelphia, which the mainstream media didn’t seem to want to cover.” And these “restrictions” do offer support for women and protection.
We reported here about the drive for late-term abortions by a state representative in New York and what it entails. It basically amounts to brutal infanticide — that means killing babies.
According to Stirewalt, “Blumenthal’s bill, which already has the support of nearly two-thirds of Senate Democrats, would eradicate the restrictions in at least a dozen states where abortions have been banned after the start of the sixth month of pregnancy and rules in many more states that regulate the conditions at abortion clinics.”
Leave it to these liberal progressive socialists to do anything to save their own political skin – including murder ala Gosnell.
Stirewalt says “even the New York Times editorial board is enthused as are others on the Left who have seen access to elective abortions restricted in the aftermath of the discovery of a house of horrors at the Philadelphia abortion clinic operated by Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Blumenthal’s anti-anti-Gosnell bill takes Democrats into some very dangerous political territory.”
But with the support of a complicit media who will aid in the promulgation of their true intent and lies, the Democrats feel emboldened to take such an action.
Stirewalt posits that “Blumenthal’s hearing and legislation certainly is part of Democratic efforts to shift the election narrative and to frighten suburban women about Todd Akin-ite boogeymen lurking in every doctor’s office, it’s also evidence of the power of the left wing in the Democratic Party. One would have to imagine this hearing is designed to placate the vocal, well-funded pro-choice crusaders in the Democratic base and not designed to proceed even to a show vote.” We’ve already seen fundraising emails distorting the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby case decision.
But ponder this: Democrats and liberal progressives are so very staunch in their support of women’s choice in killing babies — but why are they so against women’s choice in educating their children? Oops, that’s right, they’re “owned” by the far left radical abortionists and the teachers unions.
So in the end, it’s not about the future of our children, it is all about politics, and placating their devoted leftist base. It’s about degrading women into nothing more than hapless victims whose basic need is to kill babies — not about greater opportunities for their future — just killing the future of life.
And the progressive socialists are masters of the lexicon as they have reframed this debate as fighting for women’s reproductive health — which should mean defeating cervical, uterine, ovarian cancers and fibroid tumor threats. Instead they’ve successfully changed language to mask their true intent — killing babies — as a means to achieve political power.
We all know where Barack Hussein Obama stands on this issue — after all when he was a state Senator he advocated for and supported legislation that a child surviving an abortion still deserved death. What type of demonic mind thinks that? Even worse, what does it say about our moral compass to have such a person as our president?
Look into the eyes of the people advocating this legislation — Richard Blumenthal, Tammy Baldwin, and others — and ask, what do you see within their souls?


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