Police Cadet Goes on Shooting Rampage

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Police Cadet Goes on Shooting Rampage.
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When anti-gun advocates say that only the police should have guns, they should check their bogus assertion against this story.

Michael Little was in a Knoxville Police Department  program designed to help younger individuals get experience in law enforcement.

As a cadet, he was in charge of answering calls and doing clerical work, and yet Little did not uphold his duty to protect and serve.

After breaking up with his girlfriend a few weeks prior, Little ended up taking a .45 over to his his ex-girlfriend’s house and then using it on her and her mother as well as a family friend.

According to the local Knoxville news.

We understand initially it didn’t sound like any kind of confrontation. Then, as he was leaving, he confronted a family-friend, Police Chief Rausch said.

He said the cadet then shot the 28-year-old family friend. The victim died at the scene.

The cadet also shot his ex-girlfriend and her mother. They were both taken to UT for non-life threatening injures.

The true saving grace of the situation is that the ex-girlfriend’s brother had a gun in the apartment. As soon as he heard the shooting going on inside of the house, he grabbed his weapon and came in and shot Little several times.

This is a real-world scenario of what it looks like to use a gun for self defense.

And right now with the increased pressure from liberal lawmakers to make most types of guns illegal, it’s more important than ever to become “weapon independent.”

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