Awesome: “Gun Owners of America” Give Obama a Lesson on the Constitution


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August 10, 2014

There is no question that President Obama has an anti-gun agenda, one shared by many other progressive liberals, that seeks to disarm the vast majority of the American population through gun control laws, disguised as “public safety” measures.

These progressives are of the view that only the government, and their enforcers in the ranks of police and military, should be the only people permitted to keep and carry guns.  They deny the natural and inherent right of all people to be armed for self-defense.

But Americans must not allow themselves to be disarmed and enslaved, and any attempts at outright confiscation would likely result in a bloody and violent second Revolution or civil war.

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President Obama is of the opinion that the government has given citizens the right have guns, and stated as much on the official White House website.  The gun rights advocacy group “Gun Owners of America” have taken notice of that, and sent a letter to Obama, correcting his oversight and giving him a quick Constitutional lesson, according to WND.

A section of the White House website dealing with the Constitution and the Bill of Rightsstates that the Second Amendment “gives citizens the right to bear arms.”

Gun Owners of America sent a letter to the President, explaining that the Second Amendment doesn’t “give” any rights at all, but merely codifies and protects a pre-existing right.

They also point out that the Second Amendment also protects the right to “keep”, that is, own guns, as well as “bear”, or carry them.

“The Supreme Court explicitly stated that ‘it has always been widely understood that the Second Amendment, like the First and Fourth Amendments, codified a pre-existing right. The Second Amendment text recognizes the right as pre-existent, declaring only that it ‘shall not be infringed. That is why the court concluded in DC v Heller that the right to keep and bear arms ‘belongs to all Americans,’” the letter released this week said.

“You can understand our concern here, for if the Second Amendment is a mere privilege given to American citizens by government, it is a privilege which can be overcome by naked assertions of public safety. Indeed, this misunderstanding of the Second Amendment undergirds the erroneous positions being argued in many cases across the country by your Attorney General and the U.S. Justice Department,” the letter told Obama.

The group even offered up a statement of their own that they hope the Obama administration will use instead, but the odds of that happening are awfully slim.  Their corrected statement on the original intent of the Second Amendment says:

“The Second Amendment seeks to preserve the United States as a free nation, by protecting the right of individual American citizens to acquire, own, possess, sell, carry and use modern firearms, both through service in a citizen’s militia as a final line of defense against government tyranny, as well as other personal uses such as self-defense, hunting, and other sporting activities.”

The White House will likely say that their horribly wrong explanation of the Second Amendment was a mere oversight, and certainly not an indication of their dim view on the unalienable right of all people to keep and bear arms.

Sadly, the alleged “Constitutional law professor” we have for a President, seems to need more than a few reminders of what actually is, and is not, in the Constitution.  It really makes one wonder what Constitution he studied and taught, and if maybe some of his former students should seek a refund, as their “professor” obviously isn’t familiar with the document that he supposedly taught.

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Awesome: “Gun Owners of America” Give Obama a Lesson on the Constitution
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