BREAKING: Court Shuts Down Eric Holder Over Voter ID

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Attorney Gen. Holder Speaks At The Justice Dept's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration

August 10, 2014

Voter ID laws are a pretty simple concept that enjoy widespread support.  Voter ID laws simply state that anyone showing up to vote at the polls must provide a valid ID of some sort, to prove that they are who they claim to be.

Voter ID laws help prevent and cut down on voter fraud, and help to protect the integrity of elections.  Progressive Democrats abhor voter ID laws, and Attorney General Eric Holder has attacked such laws in multiple states, claiming they are racist and prevent minorities from voting.

But the only thing racist about voter ID laws is the liberal assumption that minorities are somehow unable to obtain some sort of ID.  This despite the fact that most states will offer a simple voter ID card for free, and the ubiquitous nature of ID cards in general society already, as ID cards are required for most business conducted day to day.

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Attorney General Eric Holder had sued North Carolina over their voter ID law, making his usual claim that the law was racist and discriminatory against minorities, putting an undue burden on them that prevented them from exercising their right to vote.  According toWestern Journalism, a federal District Court in North Carolina thought differently, and flat out rejected Holder’s argument.

Tom Fitton, of Judicial Watch, called this decision a huge setback for Eric Holder’s war against voter ID, saying “It is an embarrassing defeat for the Holder Justice Department. The court’s decision eviscerates Eric Holder’s politicized and racially inflammatory legal assault on commonsense election integrity measures. The court expressly rejected the Department of Justice’s contention that minorities are harmed by commonsense measures that help secure honest elections. The court’s dramatic rejection of Holder’s legal theory shows that that the DOJ’s lawsuit, which was coordinated with political activists at the White House, was always more about cynical political and racial appeals than upholding the law.”

This is huge news, and fits with the continuing trend of court defeats for the administration. Wisconsin’s voter ID law was recently upheld, with similar arguments against it being rejected by the court.

There is nothing racist or discriminatory about requiring voters to prove they are citizens that are properly registered to vote, before allowing them to vote.  The honesty and integrity of our democratic system depends upon it.

Do you think voters should have to show an ID before being allowed to vote?

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