Did GOP throw in the towel on Ex-Im? – Campaign for Liberty

by Norm Singleton on SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 in NATIONAL BLOG
Maybe…..tonight the House GOP released the text of their Continuing Resolution(CR), which funds the government until the December “lame-duck” session.
The CR contains a provision extending the Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im Bank) until June of next year. This lengthy extension of Ex-Im Bank suggests that the GOP leadership has no interest in fighting to shut down this poster child for corporate welfare and cronyism. Pushing the extension past the lame duck and not tying it to government funding takes away the strongest leverage foes of Ex-Im have to force the corporatists in both parties to let Ex-Im expire. Remember, Congress literally has to do nothing to end Ex-Im. The CR is likely to be voted on on Thursday, and is expected to pass.
Campaign for Liberty will continue to work to shut down Ex-Im bank.
via Did GOP throw in the towel on Ex-Im? – Campaign for Liberty.

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