Chuck Norris: Barack Obama Has "Crippled" America by Intentionally Dividing It

Chuck Norris: Barack Obama Has “Crippled” America by Intentionally Dividing It.

Chuck Norris: Barack Obama Has “Crippled” America by Intentionally Dividing It

August 11, 2014
Chuck Norris on Obama
We recently shared with you a column written by Chuck Norris stating that President Obama doesn’t have what it takes to leadthe nation.

Of course he is right, as Obama has demonstrated that he is themost inept and incompetent leader our country has ever seen, and he has proven to not only all of America, but the entire world, that his fiery rhetoric is really little more than empty words that mean nothing.

Chuck Norris has continued with his column, releasing a second part, again looking into the psychology and personality traits of Obama, and how those have led him to be the “leader” that he is.

He pulls no punches as he describes the heady days in the beginning of Obama’s Presidency, when everyone thought that Obama would unify the country, ease the plight of the oppressed, and restore America’s standing in the eyes of the world.

Unfortunately, the exact opposite of that has happened.  Because of Obama’s “leadership”, America is now more divided than ever before, the oppressed are even more downtrodden than before, and America has sunk to new lows on the world stage, with our rivals emboldened and our allies left questioning our commitment.

Norris points out that the one thing missing from Obama’s Presidency is culpability.  This is so true, as nothing is ever the fault of Obama.  Everything that has gone wrong over the past six years is either the fault of Bush, House Republicans, the Tea Party, or someone or something else.  But it is never Obama’s fault.

Norris looks at all of the various international crises occurring around the world, like the resurgence of hostility in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Russia, China, and the Israel/Hamas conflict.  He asks if Obama has done anything to make any of these situations better.

He also points to the endless litany of domestic scandals, including all of the alphabet agencies, the economy, Wall Street, the border crisis, and again asks, what has Obama done to fix any of this?

The key component linking nearly every thing that has failed for Obama, both domestically and internationally, is how Obama constantly shifts blame away from his own self, and is always searching for a scapegoat.  The constant blame game, false accusations of racism, and perpetual mischaracterization of his opposition has created a level of divisiveness that is tearing America apart.

Norris says, “Leading by unilateral decisions and swaying to political expediency are not the leadership qualities America needs now or ever. They demonstrate his character flaws that have come full circle to haunt him and – most tragically – us. To add insult to injury, we’ll never know the exact prices we’ve paid because we will never know the good that the right leader in the White House could have done over the last seven years in stabilizing our country and world.”

He closes with, “I’ll say again what I wrote in Part 1, Obama’s glaring and greatest weakness – namely, his inability to make hard decisions in crisis and especially lead opposing forces through or out of them – has cost America on every front. It has further divided Washington and our nation, and it has jeopardized our standing with the entire global community and even our allies, leaving us in a much more unstable place in our world.”

Hopefully, America will have learned from our eight-year mistake, and not elect someone similar to Obama in 2016.

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