U.N.: Wrongly mixed vaccine kills 15 infants


(CNN) — A crying mother cradles and moves her dead baby to the floor, yelling out, “My child, my child.” Outside, another woman shakes and gestures in a fit of absolute grief as she piercingly screams, “Pray to God and his prophet sister.”

Both women had brought their children to a clinic in a rebel-held part of northwestern Syria, hoping to help save their lives. Instead, at least 15 children — all under the age of 2 — died after receiving measles vaccinations through a U.N.-sponsored program.

As many as 50 other children got sick after what a U.N. report described as a “bungled immunization.”

U.N.: Wrongly mixed vaccine kills 15 infants
Fri, 19 Sep 2014 18:23:13 GMT

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