9/11: The Big Lie and They All Know It | Alternative

9/11: The Big Lie and They All Know It | Alternative.

9/11: The Big Lie and They All Know It

Wednesday, September 4, 2013 19:01

(Before It’s News)

TheBigLie_CoverA letter from Eric

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I recently had an email exchange with a friend I felt I should share with you, because I feel it is vitally important.

My friend commented that, given the negligible headway the 9/11 Truth Movement has made here in the States, “…we may have to depend on people and organizations beyond our borders to conduct an honest and effective investigation.”

While a laudable proposition, I daresay even that tack has been vigorously explored by a few notable stalwarts to no avail.

I recall ex-multi-millionaire Jimmy Walter’s noble efforts, some 10 years ago, to spread the word around the world. Of his 14-million-dollar fortune (bequeathed to him by his father), Jimmy spent over $12m producing videos and assembling panels of experts to travel the world preaching the 9/11 Truth bible. He organized symposia in major international cities that drew huge crowds. He even aspired to educate world leaders.

Jimmy actually traveled with William Rodriguez to Malaysia and made presentations to Mahathir Mohamad in person. They also flew to Venezuela and presented to several of Hugo Chavez’s top aides. These are a well known facts. Walters and Rodriguez would later say every one of these high-ranking people knew at least as much, if not more, about 9/11 than they did. These foreign heads even proudly showed off their stacked shelves of 9/11-related books! It is an inarguable fact that Mahathir and Chavez were 100% aware of the Big Lie — likely in far greater detail than any of us are.

There have been other powerful high-ranking officials elsewhere — in the UK, Japan, Finland, Germany— who made much noise about seriously hoisting the 9/11 Truth flag in their respective parliaments, all to no avail.

I’ll take it a step further:

I have absolutely no doubt that every single world leader — at the very least, their Intelligence heads — is fully aware of the 9/11 cover-up.

Yes, that would include Putin, Merkel, Hallande, Xi Jinping…the lot of ‘em.


Do think about this for a moment.

If literally millions of ordinary people around the world know all about 9/11, do you really thing the highly specialized, well-trained Intelligence operatives of the world’s governments haven’t yet figured it out?!

Even if some of these world leaders at the UN are as dense as rocks (some are, like our congresscitters), their intel heads certainly aren’t. And what do intel departments do when they dig up dirt? They pass it up to their bosses. That’s their job. That’s all they do.

And you think we need to “convince” these people?

Let’s get real, folks: THEY ALL KNOW 9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!

It would be incredibly stupid of us to think, even for a moment, that we Truthers have somehow managed to dig up and monopolize all the facts through the Internet, while the intel agencies of the world slept through the past 12 years!

Look, any kid with a computer and half a brain can see through the lie, but these trained intelligence experts couldn’t?!

The notion is absurd.

So, why don’t all these men and women — some of whom have openly made murmurings about having “questions” about 9/11 — stand up and scream from the world stage?

Two — and only two — reasons:

1. Fear
2. Complicity

They are afraid. Or they are complicit. Period.

Even lions such as Chavez whimpered when it came to standing up to the NWO vis-à-vis 9/11. He had the guts to literally look down their barrels on every other major issue EXCEPT 9/11.

Even leaders such as Chavez didn’t have the balls to take a step in that direction. These individuals are not afraid for their own lives — they fear for the long term health and wellbeing of their citizenry and the financial stability and future of their nations. They know full well that standing up and questioning 9/11 would be tantamount to signing their nations’ death warrants.

Even these courageous men figured out that 9/11 Truth is a hell of a lot bigger — and far more perilous to their personal survival and their precious national interests — than they ever imagined.

Even these political big guns know full well that the apparatus behind 9/11 is an incalculably evil, pathologically perverse juggernaut whose near-absolute overarching power far transcends that of mere national governments. Even these few genuinely righteous leaders quickly figured out it would be best to make a quiet retreat with their personal health and that of their nations intact than make waves.

That’s really how big 9/11 Truth really is. Actually, it’s quite frightening when viewed in its totality, in its fullest dimensions — something few of us take the time to do.

It’s time we all woke up to a cold, hard fact:

No amount of canvassing abroad at high levels is going to get ANY kind of 9/11 investigation rolling.


The only way to fight the NWO monster is through a mass awakening — one massive groundswell of public awareness beginning at the grassroots level.

Anything short of this is pissing in the wind.

What ReThink911.org is doing to raise awareness is admirable. And theirs is the ONLY kind of well-organized activity that is likely to succeed.

Bottom line: Bury this foolish idea of getting some kind of “independent international panel” of judges to get the 9/11 ball rolling.

If we are to succeed, we need to keep hammering at the grassroots level to create the groundswell we need to crack this thing open.



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