Cornel West: “Massive Transfer of Military Weapons to Local Police” During Obama’s Reign | The Daily Sheeple

Cornel West: “Massive Transfer of Military Weapons to Local Police” During Obama’s Reign | The Daily Sheeple.

The Daily Sheeple 
December 5th, 2014

Even as police abuse against minority communities dominates national headlines, many have noted that police have been hardily armed for war under a controversial Pentagon surplus program (known as the DoD 1033 program).

It is as if America has descended rapidly into a warzone, as local authorities have been quietly (and with few details) given “surplus” military tanks & MRAPs, guns, weaponry (including grenade launchers), equipment and training to local police departments (and even schools).

But is this program necessary or even justified? And are we really surprised to see the American people now increasingly mistreated at the hands of police wielding this dangerously wrong-headed training and equipment?


For the outspoken Cornel West, the outrage in Ferguson is tied to the failures of the Obama Administration to address problems in the black community. West told CNN:

“I think Ferguson signifies the end of the age of Obama,” said West in an unapologetic CNN interview. “It’s a very sad end. We began with tremendous hope and we end with great despair … because we have a Jim Crow criminal-justice system that does not deliver justice for black and brown people, and especially black and brown poor people. It’s very sad that Wall Street executives can go free, drone droppers can go free, torturers can go free, but police who kill our precious children walk free …

“The sad thing is,” he continued, “we have a black president and a black attorney general, we have a black head of Homeland Security, but not one federal prosecution of a case against a policeman killing a black youth under the five-and-a-half years where we’ve had all black folk in place.”

More broadly, these military weapons signal that the police state is here in America in full force, and ready to repress populations of all colors, cultures and backgrounds under a variety of conditions – including martial law.

As the economy continues to put pressure on the middle and lower classes, tragic and outrageous incidents with increasingly armed and aggressive police are sure to continue and likely increase.

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