» CDC Admits New Flu Shot Protects Less Than 1 in 4 Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

» CDC Admits New Flu Shot Protects Less Than 1 in 4 Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.


Despite ineffectiveness, media still urges public to take vaccine
CDC Admits New Flu Shot Protects Less Than 1 in 4

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As flu season kicks into high gear, the US’ foremost health authority, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is coming clean about the current flu vaccine’s lack of efficacy.

A recent study released by the CDC regarding seasonal influenza vaccine effectiveness found the chemical cocktail concocted to battle this year’s strain to be only 23 percent effective; in other words it will protect less than 1 in 4 people.

“Its lack of punch is being blamed on multiple strains of the H3N2 virus that are circulating and making people sick, but that were not included in this season’s vaccine,” reports Agence France-Press.

“That’s one of the worst performances in the last decade…” according to the Associated Press. “In the best flu seasons, the vaccines were 50 to 60 percent effective.”

AFP has a breakdown of how the vaccine performed in different age groups, noting that it mostly “helped” younger, healthier people:

This season, vaccine effectiveness has been highest — 26 percent — in those aged six months through 17 years.

Vaccine effectiveness was just 12 percent for ages 18 to 49 years and 14 percent for people age 50 years and older, the CDC said.

Last month, the CDC also issued an advisory to physicians warning that this season’s flu vaccine was an incompatible match for the circulating Influenza A (H3N2) strain, meaning the agency knew shots which 145.4 million people received were doing little to nothing in the way of fighting the flu.

However, despite the lousy odds of it actually doing anything to combat the flu, the CDC and its mainstream media propaganda parrots have still gone on to promote vaccination, ludicrously blaming flu outbreaks on people who refuse to inject themselves with vaccines known to contain toxic adjuvants such as thimerosal, a mercury-containing compound.

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Instead, the public gets watered down headlines that try to put a positive spin on the 23 percent figure, like this one from NPR: “This Year’s Flu Vaccine Is Pretty Wimpy, But Can Still Help,” and this one from the Washington Post: “CDC: Flu Vaccine Only 23 Percent Effective This Season, But Still Better Than Nothing.”

Notice the articles contain no mention of the scores of victims that incur life-altering, and sometimes lethal, adverse reactions as a result of taking the shot, such as three-year-old Ayzlee McCarthy, an Iowa tot that died soon after receiving an injection.

Or the numerous lives lost during the clinical trial phases of vaccine development, like the 23 who died after receiving high doses of the Fluzone vaccine, up from only 7 deaths earlier this year.

“No matter what vaccination choices you make for yourself or your family, there is a basic human right to be fully informed about all risks and have the ability to refuse to allow substances you consider to be harmful, toxic or poisonous to be forced upon you,” writes Dr. Joseph Mercola. “Unfortunately, the partnership between government health agencies and vaccine manufacturers is getting closer and closer. There is a lot of discrimination against Americans, who want to be free to exercise their human right to informed consent when it comes to making voluntary decisions about which vaccines they and their children use.”

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