As if ‘American Sniper’ Wasn’t Already Propaganda Enough, Now It’s Being Used to Promote Gun Control

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As if ‘American Sniper’ Wasn’t Already Propaganda Enough, Now It’s Being Used to Promote Gun Control



By Melissa Melton | Originally published at The Daily Sheeple

The film American Sniper centering around Chris Kyle has done a lot of what it was intended to do as a piece of good ‘ol American cinematic propaganda. It has worked to further divide Americans, keep them pointing at each other instead of the oligarchy running things, and sold them lies about not only Kyle himself, but more importantly, about the American war machine.

Activist Post’s Brandon Turbeville does a great job of succinctly breaking this divide down:

Of course, the American oligarchy via its mouthpiece mainstream media has firmly attempted to draw the battle lines – If you like Chris Kyle and American Sniper then you are firmly in the camp that supports the troops, loves your country, and opposes terrorism. If you do not view Kyle as a hero, then you are clearly in the camp made up of pinko-commies, socialists, and terrorist sympathizers.

And, of course, if you don’t think Chris Kyle was a hero, then you hate the troops.

It’s all a big game of divide and conquer and the people running things never change tactics because it works so well.
Of course, the hateful comments about how dare Turbeville have an opinion on glamorized killing no matter what side it is on drew all kinds of ire aimed at him in the comments section THEREBY PROVING HIS POINT.

One comment I found particularly interesting (after the commenter told Brandon to go “F yourself with a cactus”) went, “WE as Americans (the policeman of the world) are in the same predicament as American policeman in our streets, used, abused and MADE TO ANGER THOSE UNDER THEIR POWER. it’s a game those with YOUR IQ cant seem to catch onto. SO, until you mind actually functions, perhaps its YOU who should withhold comment.”

Yeah! Go America, the “policeman of the world,” but also, screw your First Amendment right to free speech! And they just keep us fighting with each other, the 0.001 percent pushing the buttons of the other 99.999 percent. (Who, by the way, declared Americans “the policeman of the world” in the first place, do you think? Oh wait, we aren’t supposed to look at the man behind the curtain, I forgot, sorry.)

See how that works, all nice and neat? You either love the troops (and glorified murder no matter who is pulling the trigger) or you are an anti-American communist terrorist sympathizer who isn’t allowed to have an opinion on what your country does in your name.

All these people are walking around parroting what George W. Bush said after 9/11: “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”

No grey area here at all with American Sniper, especially not regarding someone who Turbeville points out “was not a hero. Chris Kyle was a murderer. He was also a war profiteer and a liar.” No, we don’t have room for facts here… please move along.

Anti-war activist and veteran himself Adam Kokesh began his review of the film with, “The recent movie American Sniper takes you to a place called ‘Amero Fantasy Land’ where violent thugs, murderers, serial killers, can be heroes. They can be good people. They can be heroes just trying to protect you. Where the government can do no wrong. Where the military exists to keep us free and every war ever fought by the American government is entirely just and righteous…”


But who cares about the details!! Or even the First Amendment right to freedom of speech! Again, WAR! War war WAR! We need to justify MORE BANKER WARS! MORE ELITE WARS! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR!

There hasn’t been a time in my lifetime America hasn’t been involved in either outright war or the behind-the-scenes coups/psyops/false flag type stuff to drive more outright war. The puppet masters pulling all the strings realize that people get weary after so many years of being told why we have to constantly be at war, and that every once in a while they have to trot out a “hero” in order to get people back on board the agenda bus, to get people to wave those little American flags once again.

And it works every time.

American Sniper is an official blockbuster at this point. People rushed in droves to see it. It’s already been nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture. (Zero Dark Thirty, anyone?)

Movies like this one only prove that propaganda and brainwashing work.

Well now, on top of everything else, The New York Times is pushing a gun control agenda with the film, too. NYT’s Gail Collins wrote a piece on the “Things we can learn fromAmerican Sniper” which begins by explaining that Chris Kyle walking around the house in the final scene of the film holding a handgun and jokingly pointing it at his wife Taya telling her to, “drop them drawers.” Collins states that this is “insane behavior” by virtually any standard and that the whole movie celebrates gun culture…

Cue the broad brush they like to paint everyone with. You know where this is going.

So now they’ll use the movie as a double-edged sword. All the people who watch it and “rah rah” for the oligarchy’s military-industrial war apparatus will be the same people painted as “insane” parts of the “gun culture” here at home. You see? No one wins this game.

The best propaganda always has multiple uses, I guess. Speaking of, one of the best propaganda campaigns to date is “Support our Troops,” hands down. If you know what these wars are, that they are utter b.s. banker wars based on lies and empire building with a healthy dose of terror to take away our freedom here at home, well then that automatically gets conflated with you not supporting the troops who, as war criminal Henry Kissinger once noted, the puppet masters running the show view as dogs, view as mere pawns for foreign policy.

It’s clever. Very very clever…

Now for the comments section attacks. Seeing as how no one is allowed to have an opinion on this film unless that opinion comes from someone who is so pro-American WAR they poop American flags, just realize that whatever hate-filled drivel gets posted in the comment section below will be ignored unless it turns into threats, which will be deleted. This ultimately isn’t about supporting our troops, but just keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

See whatever you want to here, but no one is going to “win” this one…except the bankers and oligarchs running this scientific dictatorship into the ground.

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