90% Of Big Pharma Spent More On Marketing Than Research In 2013 Alone

90% Of Big Pharma Spent More On Marketing Than Research In 2013 Alone

Oftentimes more than double the spending

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Anthony Gucciardi


Surely Big Pharma corporations are spending their cash on research ‘for the cure’ and finding ways to implement life-saving ingredients into their next formula, right? As it turns out, 9 out of 10 Big Pharma companies actually spent more on their sales and marketing than their research and development.

In the infographic below, checkout the 2013 spending habits of the top 10 Big Pharma corporations:

big-pharma-spendingClick the image for a larger version.

When we put this spending into perspective, it’s much easier to see how Big Pharma pushes drugs on the public that are absolutely riddled with side effects and still somehow manages to make a massive profit. Even standard pharmaceuticals come with a long list of over 70 side effects, with some clocking in at side effect counts that reach beyond 500.

So how do they do it? Quite simply, they spend billions marketing their pharmaceuticals with smiling models and nature-filled backdrops.

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