Churches & Organizations Promoting Liberation Theology

Churches & Organizations Promoting Liberation Theology

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A vast network of Roman Catholic and Protestant church organizations devoted to the spread of Marxism-Leninism under the guise of LiberationTheology has been developed in the past 25 years.

At the highest level of Catholic Church organization are Marxist sympathizers Bryan Heir and Thomas Quigley. Father Heir was given the Letelier Award by the radical leftist Institute for Policy Studies. (Orlando Letelier was a known Chilean communist, openly admired by Heir.) Quigley is active in a number of pro-communist organizations, including the Council for Hemispheric Affairs, the Washington Office for Latin America, and the Religious Task Force on Central America.
The main instrument for the communist use of the Church is the network of Justice and Peace Commissions. These organizations exist at all levels of the Catholic Church. Local commissions are formed by individual parishioners, whose activities typically include letter writing in support of leftist causes and support for boycotts.
This official set of church organizations is supplemented by many other groups, including the Maryknoll and Jesuit orders and Pax Christi.
Pax Christi is a frankly political group that involves bishops, priests, and lay people. Bishop Thomas Gumbleton, head of the U.S. chapter of Pax Christi, for example, was known to be a Sandinista sympathizer and a personal supporter of Maryknoll priest Miguel D’Escoto, an avowed communist.
At the local level, the organizations are too many to list. Worthy of special note, however, is the Mexican American Cultural Center (MACC) in the diocese of San Antonio, Texas, which maintains an active liberationist program.
Active throughout the hemisphere, but especially in Texas, the MACC has its fingers in a number of progressive pies. They advocate opening U.S. borders to uncontrolled immigration, harbor illegal aliens, organize farm labor strikes, and establish Basic Christian Communities to promote Liberation Theology among Hispanics.
In the Washington, DC area, many groups are active in promoting Liberation Theology, including: The Center of Concern, a Jesuit front; The Quixote Center; Network, the official lobbying group of leftist nuns; The Christic Institute; and The Jesuit Mission Center.
The National Council of Churches (NCC) and a number of its member organizations also promote Liberation Theology. Consider these:

  • Church World Service actively contributes funds to leftist governments with which the NCC sympathizes.
  • Domestic Hunger Network spends more money supporting leftwing political activism than feeding the needy.
  • Agricultural Missions Program supports local indigenous movements that tend toward total liberation of rural people – spiritual, economic, and political.
  • Cluster on Unity and Relationships fosters ecumenical merging of church groups with differing doctrines, all in the context of Liberation Theology.
  • Cluster on Church Life and Witness (Divison on Church and Society) is an outreach to increase the acceptance of Liberation Theology propaganda in public discussion, media communications, and educational curriculum.
  • Cluster on Church and Society promotes a broad, leftist agenda on issues including poverty, racism, sexism, civil liberties, ecology, and welfare.
  • Cluster on International Ministries works with overseas religious groups to promote socialist policies there and undermine anti-communist governments combatting terrorism.
  • The Clergy and Laity Concerned, formed by the NCC in 1965, is closely allied to the communist World Peace Council and was active in the assault on South Africa.
  • Another group, the American Friends Service Committee, formed by 14 socialist Quakers in 1917, has been infiltrated and used by communists to promote their domestic and foreign policy objectives – including the promotion of liberationist activities worldwide.
  • The Riverside Church Disarmament Program (RCDP), run by activists in the leadership of the Marxist Institute for Policy Studies, is a propaganda organization active in the spread of liberationism. RCDP also is closely allied to the communist World Peace Council.

Additional promotion of Liberation Theology is conducted by major Protestant denominations, most notably Methodist, Episcopal, and Presbyterian, as well as by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

—-Father Enrique Rueda
and Bill McIlhany

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