‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Word Search Puzzles Given to Middle School Students

Terms include “bondage,” “handcuffs,” “leather cuffs” and “spanking”

‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Word Search Puzzles Given to Middle School Students

Image Credits: KDKA-TV


A Pennsylvania school district is under fire after middle school children were given “Fifty Shades of Grey” themed word search puzzles.

Based on the popular erotic romance novel and upcoming film, the puzzle includes such sexual terms as “bondage,” “handcuffs,” “leather cuffs” and “spanking.”

According to numerous news outlets, the issue became known after parents approached educators at a Tuesday evening school board meeting.

School officials with the Monessen School District reportedly began an investigation into the matter the day prior, asserting that no solid information had been gathered as of Wednesday.

Infowars reached out to district officials and was unable to learn any additional information regarding who provided the worksheets to students.

A parent speaking with CBS Pittsburgh stated that several administrators including the school’s principal refused to answer questions when an audio recording device was present.

Other Pennsylvania parents took to social media to voice their concern over what they saw as a lack of oversight.

“This is what you get when our society no longer has any kind of moral compass,” one parent said.

“So not Ok for children of any age,” another said. “Bad taste whoever passed them out to kids.”

Although unconfirmed, one parent stated that the district was already aware of the responsible teacher but has thus far refused to release a name.

Regardless, many parents feel the situation represents the continued sexualization of young school children.

Parents of a middle school student in California were outraged last June when a sex-ed teacher asked their daughter “how far she would go” sexually during an in-class assignment.

The father of a female middle school student was equally upset several months earlier when his daughter discovered a school poster that listed graphic sexual acts. The school claimed the poster was simply part of a health and science curriculum.

As if middle school wasn’t early enough, Chicago public school administrators demanded that allkindergarten children receive mandatory sex-ed courses in 2013. Similarly, feminist groups attempted toforce classes on kindergartners in California as well.

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