Comedy Central Show Chides Infowars With Clone Website

Segment features main character browsing ‘Conspiracy Wars’ site with crazy headline


An episode of the Comedy Central show Broad City depicted one of its main characters visiting a clone of the Infowars website entitled ‘Conspiracy Wars’ which featured the kooky headline, “Michael Jackson Lives in a Richard Branson Space Condo’.

The episode which featured the thinly veiled Infowars reference aired on Wednesday night. The design of the clone website seen in the clip is virtually an exact replica of

The plot of the show revolves around two scatterbrained Jewish feminist women living in New York. The character seen viewing the Infowars clone website is Ilana Wexler, who is described as, “a twenty-two-year-old slacker and marijuana enthusiast who is often oblivious to (or apathetic to) how others react to her often wacky antics.”

According to the author of the video above, the use of the Infowars clone website in the show is part of the ongoing demonization campaign against Infowars and Alex Jones being deployed across both entertainment and news media.

“Apparently, the mainstream media believes it’s just not enough to demonize and lie about Infowars in the news alone, the attacks must also cross over into entertainment, where the audience lets their guard down and are more susceptible to the conditioning,” states Adam Green, adding that, “the producers of the show went out of their way to create a fake website to condition their audience.”

By associating the crazy headline with the Infowars replica, the producers of the show intended to brainwash their viewers into confusing the real Infowars with fake news websites and tabloid media, according to Green.

A more positive reading of the issue would be that Infowars has seeped so far into the cultural zeitgeist of America that directors and script writers are now throwing in Alex Jones and Infowars references as a recognition of how much impact we have had. Or maybe Broad City just wanted us to draw attention to their show, and if that’s case it’s mission accomplished.

Although in the case of Broad City the connotation is undoubtedly negative, both Alex Jones and Infowars have featured in a plethora of popular entertainment releases, including numerous video games.

It also emerged this week that left-wing activist Peter Young, an expert in media manipulation, crafted an entire campaign to target Infowars in order to draw attention to his troubles with the TSA.

“The specific end-goal was The Alex Jones Show,” Young told the New York Observer. “While culturally considered fringe, he has a larger platform than most websites and TV shows.”

Given that Infowars is now being chided by shows on Comedy Central, which is owned by media giant Viacom, maybe we’re not so fringe after all.

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Comedy Central Show Chides Infowars With Clone Website
Fri, 13 Feb 2015 12:28:00 GMT

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