The Establishment’s Most Shocking Crimes

Criminal elite caught in outrageous crimes against humanity

The Establishment's Most Shocking Crimes

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Although the American public is unfortunately becoming more desensitized to the establishment’s outright criminality, some scandals remain so brazen that they continue to shock the system years later.

While scandals such as global NSA spying are clearly the most grand in their scope, others less talked about represent the most evil inclinations of the power elite.

U.S. Military Contractor Caught Running Sex Slavery Ring

Military contractor Dyncorp, a subsidiary of Halliburton, was found to be kidnapping woman and children and selling them into sex slavery rings.

Former Democratic Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney confronted Donald Rumsfeld over the revelation in 2005 during a congressional hearing and demanded to know why the United States was continuing to provide contracts to the company.

As expected, Rumsfeld provided a lackluster answer that shielded the company from its abhorrent behavior.


Bayer Pharmaceuticals Knowingly Sells HIV-Tainted Medicine

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer knowingly sold millions of dollars worth of HIV-tainted medication designed for hemophiliacs to multiple countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia during the 1980s.

Unsurprisingly, FDA regulators worked hand and hand with the company to keep the sales hidden from “Congress, the medical community and the public.”

The company faced minimal punishment and continues to work with near-impunity like most major pharmaceutical companies.


Government Hides Nazi War Criminals Inside United States

A New York Times report published last October revealed new details on the federal government’s deep history of supporting Nazis following World War II.

According to unsealed documents, F.B.I. officials hid information about 16 suspected Nazis living inside the US from the Justice Department in the 1980s.

Similarly, a CIA lawyer demanded U.S. prosecutors drop an investigation into an ex-spy involved in the massacre of tens of thousands of Jews in Lithuania in 1994.


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