European Dominoes are Starting to Fall

It’s so ugly out in the banking world…THAT THEY CAN’T TALK ABOUT IT!!! The world is silent. The stock market is all they see, hear and taste. New highs! New highs!! The world is great…just don’t look under the hood.
Europe is imploding as we speak and it is spreading…count each domino…
A Black Swan Lands in Southern Austria: The Ripple Effects…Mini-Greece
DOMINO #1 – “In Austria whereby the “bad bank” of failed Hypo Alpe Adria – the Heta Asset Resolution AG – itself went from good to bad, with its creditors forced into an involuntary “bail-in” following the “discovery” of a $8.5 billion capital hole in its balance sheet primarily related to ongoing deterioration in central and eastern European economies.”
DOMINO #2 – “This shocking announcement promptly sent the price of Heta’s bonds crashing as creditors, no longer enjoying the explicit guarantee of the state, scrambled to get out of “northern Europe’s” first Lehman moment.”
DOMINO #3 – “Austria’s decision to wind down Heta Asset Resolution AG sent ripples through the financial system, causing credit rating downgrades in Austria and bank losses in Germany.”
DOMINO #4 – “The Heta bonds are notionally guaranteed by the Austrian state of Carinthia, which is now theoretically becomes liable for the bail-in.”
DOMINO #5 – “Carinthia provides deficiency guarantee on Heta’s senior debt: the total is equivalent to €10.2 billion, or nearly five times the state’s 2014 operating revenue.”
DOMINO #6 – “In other words, we now have a waterfall bailout chain whereby the state guaranteeing the debt of the insolvent entity that guaranteed yet another insolvent entity, will itself need to be bailed out by the sovereign, Austria!”
DOMINO #7 – “Among Heta’s liabilities affected by the moratorium and a future bail-in are 1.24 billion euros Heta owes to Pfandbriefbank Oesterreich AG, which issues bonds on behalf of Austrian provincial banks.”
DOMINO #8 – “There is an incentive for the member banks to jointly step in for missing payments from HETAR, as otherwise debt holders of PFBKOS bonds could claim payment from any of the member banks individually.”
DOMINO #9 – “A number of Austrian banks including HYPO NOE GRUPPE AG and Vorarlberger Landes- und Hypothekenbank AG reported in their annual accounts for 2013 that they had direct exposure to HAA.”
DOMINO #10 – “Many have been saying that one should have known that a province like Carinthia can’t guarantee for debts of that size.”
DOMINO #11 – “The very same bonds that are about to lead to a waterfall in impairments are the ones that were, according to EU regulations, “riskless.”
DOMINO #12 – “As of year-end 2013, there were about €60bn of claims guaranteed by Austrian regions.”
DOMINO #13 – “German banks yesterday also emerged as major Heta bondholders. Dexia’s Dexia Kommunalbank Deutschland AG said it owns 395 million euros of Heta bonds and will take an unspecified charge in the first quarter.”
DOMINO #14 – “Deutsche Pfandbriefbank AG also owns 395 million euros of Heta bonds and said it will write them down by 120 million euros, cutting its expected pretax profit by two-thirds.”
DOMINO #15 – “NRW Bank confirmed it owned Heta bonds, declining to specify the size of its exposure. WDR TV station reported the bank owns 276 million euros of them.”
DOMINO #16 – and finally…
“While German banks had spent the past 3 years preparing for the inevitable Grexit and offloading all their exposure to the now insolvent Greek state, it was a waterfall chain of events which started in Germany’s own “back yard”, courtesy of auditors who decided it was unnecessary to mark losses to market until it was far too late, and the immediate outcome is that one ninth of until recently Aaa/AAA-rated Austria is now also insolvent. And that is just the beginning.”
Those my friends are DOMINOES and the DOMINOES are the reason to get far away from the paper and electronic monetary system!!!
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My First Conversation – 6
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Roota’s Plan – 12
Chapter III
Shall We Continue? – 19
Chapter V
Aren’t We There Yet? – 34
Chapter VI
It’s Happening – 42
Chapter VIII
How’d We Get Here? – 54
Chapter X
So Dark is the Con – 70
Chapter XIX
Timing of the End Game – 117 
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May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

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