Footage shows dramatized clips of 9/11 attack, gruesome beheadings


Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, who traveled into Mexico this week to try and find an ISIS training base, is featured in a new ISIS propaganda video which also shows dramatized footage of the 9/11 attacks and gruesome images of beheadings.

It is not known who released the video, although a link to the clip was posted on a Twitter account belonging to an ISIS supporter.

The video clip begins by showing a giant fireball behind the Statue of Liberty with the words “we will burn America” overlayed.

The video then shows a person changing the channel on a television before numerous reporters are shown talking about ISIS, including Infowars’ own Joe Biggs and CNN’s Tom Foreman.

The clip also features a CBN report about an ISIS flag being shown on a cellphone in front of the White House, which was later posted online with the warning, “We are in your state/we are in your cities/we are in your streets.”

The video then shows a CNN report about Christopher Lee Cornell, who was arrested in January for allegedly plotting an ISIS-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol.

The last half of the clip shows ‘Jihadi John’ with beheading victim James Foley before we see a compilation of video from the gruesome beheading of 22 Syrian soldiers which occurred in November last year.

Footage of the 9/11 attacks is also prominently featured, along with an image of the White House exploding and the Washington Monument being toppled. The 9/11 clips are interspersed with cinematic dramatizations of victims inside the twin towers as the planes hit the buildings.

Biggs’ appearance in the video is noteworthy given that the Infowars reporter visited Juarez, Mexico this week to investigate reports that ISIS had set up a training camp in the region.

The video appears to be different to another ISIS video which was released last week which also featured images of 9/11.

Click here to watch the ISIS propaganda video (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC).

The video was sent out on the ISIS Twitter account pictured below.

Watch Joe Biggs talk about his appearance in the ISIS video below.


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