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Jade Helm 15 has got the desired traction in the public discourse. It is going viral in April 2015, and a whirl of seething perceptions are featured in an endless variety and range of every conceivable perspective on just what Jade Helm 15 is, what it is really designed to accomplish, and what it signifies. It strikes many people as a portentous government plan, a pre-fabricated and pre-constructed umbrella under which a black op by the Deep State’s compartmentalized agencies could possibly “Go Live” in a fantastic sort of Shock and Awe False Flag psycho-coup to jar the public mind of America through fear into acceptance of some nefarious policy the government desires, such as the complete loss of individual liberty and the setting aside of our Constitution under Martial Law.
To conquer “the human domain” the public mind must be conditioned first. That is what is behind the Special Operation Command’s Jade Helm 15. Jade Helm 15 would “Master The Human Domain”, plain and simple. They even advertise that intent in their logo–

The announcement of Jade Helm 15 flat out states that Jade Helm is an Unconventional Warfare training exercise. That means Psy-Ops, pure and simple. That means that your and my minds are now targets and our beloved government is seeking to alter our perceptions. JADE HELM 2015 is a surface-level manifestation of MindWar, Unconventional Warfare, Special Operations, Irregular Warfare, and other aspects of government’s intent to control the free American people psychologically. It is undebatable; it is self-evident; it is clearly apparent.

So what can we do about it?


We must counter the government’s psychological program. Oath Keepers uses our national website and a lot of outreach activity to do that, and we are having an effect, thanks to our loyal membership and supporters. But Oath Keepers is also helping produce a movie which exposes the errors which would be involved if our government attempts to establish “Martial Law” in our country.
Martial Law is un-Constitutional, is illegal and unlawful. The movie which will show the American people why that is true is being made right now at Matrix Entertainment’s studios in Pennsylvania.  The documentary film will feature Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira, Stewart Rhodes, Sheriff Mack, Chuck Baldwin, Larry Pratt, and others.

The movie is entitled “MIDNIGHT RIDE”, named because we are duplicating the famous midnight ride of Paul Revere on April 18, 1775, to warn the Colonists that “the British are coming!”. Our movie will sound the clarion call for the American people to let them know that Martial Law is coming! The movie will also encourage people to resist this kind of tyranny and will offer ways in which to lawfully and peacefully resist.

I have been sending emails to our membership for months now, encouraging all who can to support this film, and many of you have stepped up to support the production of this important film. I now can announce that we have passed the sixty-percent mark in fundraising for the production of the movie. But we still need almost thirty thousand more dollars to get the film completed, and that is what this email is all about.
We need your help please!
James Jaeger has lined up an amazing cast of experts who will speak about the threat of Martial Law and reveal solutions at the disposal of the American people. Not only that, MIDNIGHT RIDE will also showcase our “Ten Orders We Will Not Obey” as well as other aspects of the Oath Keepers mission. It will put Oath Keepers permanently on the record as standing in opposition to what the government (and those who manipulate it) has in mind for all Americans.
Every Constitutional documentary film James Jaeger has made has been made by donations from the public. This will be the seventh film in his Constitution series. I am urging everyone reading this to please give generously, and I would like to emphasize that even if you can only send a five or ten dollar check, we need it urgently. Every dollar helps.
However, we could really use a big donation by anyone who would want his or her name atop the opening credits. Here are the options James sent me yesterday —

Thanks Elias.  The production fund is very low and I have to pay balances on two cameraman fees (250 + 250) as well as see the main edit system through repair (which is still in process).  [Name deleted by EA] donated 744 yesterday and Matrix Ent matched that sum to pay for studio operating expenses (i.e., rent to Stultz Management).  This past week I slowly sent out to the MEC list of donors/DVD buyers and was able to generate about 450 in addition to the approximate 900 that came in from your blast last weekend.  So if you do the numbers you can see we are just making it.  As soon as I get the Ron Paul and Sheriff Mack footage up on the net or in a trailer maybe we can get some larger donors to wake up by letting folks know that MAIN title credits are still available (5,000 for Associate Producer; 10,000 for Executive Producer; 20,000 for Producer and 30,000 for “In association with”) AND that donations of any sum can be anonymous.

So that is where we’re at presently. We do need almost thirty thousand more dollars to finish the film. You have helped us raise about sixty thousand dollars thus far, so we’re about two/thirds through our fundraising drive. It is important to note that the sooner the money is raised, the sooner this film will come out. I’d personally love to see the movie debut before JADE HELM 15 terminates in September 2015. Please help me generate the money by contributing what you can. If you want your name in the end credits, we’ll be happy to include it. If you want to donate anonymously, that is fine too.

To donate online:
To donate by mail:

If you would prefer to donate by mail, please make a check out to “Matrix Entertainment Corp.” and send to Matrix Entertainment, 223 W. Lancaster Avenue, Devon, PA 19333. 

In closing I would like to note that everyone who has contacted me with spelling corrections or any other discrepancy in the end credits now shown on the lastest trailer for the film has been noted down and sent to James for corrections, and those corrections will show on the next version of the trailer, which will also feature Ron Paul and Sheriff Mack snapshots. Thank you very much for sending me the corrections. 

I also would like to shout out a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who has contributed to this very timely movie.  You are all awesome! 


Elias Alias, editor

This email was sent from an unmonitored email address. If you wish to contact us, please use the contact form on the contact page of our website.


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