Current medical community vaccinating children too early with too many vaccines

Nurse Reveals Routine Vaccine-Induced Injuries


The battle rages on in the United States as citizen’s fight to keep vaccine exemptions on a slippery slope pointed away from medical freedom.

Pharmaceutical funded lobbyists are making no effort to conceal their agenda as they coat senate committees like wet blankets covering truth. The trend is moving fast away from public power as senators misrepresent their voters. In California and Vermont, it has been confirmed that the community, because of its strong opposition, is simply no longer able to testify on record. Any whisper of the possibility of endlessly stacked parents rejecting votes sees immediate postponement of committee meetings to remove such options.

It is clear that certain topics are off limits and conversation is controlled by pharmaceutical interests. The term is called astroturfing and it can be witnessed in full force at any state capital currently voting to take away medical freedom and vaccine exemptions. In a recent interview with Sharyl Attkisson, Dr. Joseph Mercola asked the question, “What other currently health related issues might be happening right now that you believe investigative journalists and the media are not reporting on. Or could do a better job if they weren’t being suppressed by the people who authorize the release of that information? Attkinson, a five-time Emmy Award winning investigative journalist and author of the book, “Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington.”, gave the following reply:

“If people were simply covering in terms of news value, facts, and fairness we’d be giving way more coverage to vaccine side effects, autism, ADD, and all the immune disorders that have emerged in the past and been made untouchable by this environment that I’ve discussed with you (referring to astroturfing.)

In a recent interview, Michelle Rowton of Nurses Against Mandatory Vaccines was asked her thoughts on the current medical community vaccinating children too early with too many vaccines, she replied:

“I think what a lot of people don’t realize in a closed space like NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is that they’ve decided that we need to vaccinate these babies on-time. Two months after they’re born…bam, there it goes. This baby could be four months early and still supposed to be inside their mother, weighting three or four pounds and getting the same amount of vaccines as a 200 pound man.”

Rowton then went further to break bombshell news by saying:

“I’ve sat in a room with our on-call staff of physicians and practitioners (when they say) “Oh wow, this is so embarrassing this 25 weeker never actually required a breathing tube and going on the vent after he was born, he was so strong. But we gave him his two month vaccinations and he got intubated last night ha ha, oops how embarrassing. The step-down units are calling the NICU’s and saying “hey we’re going to go ahead and give these four babies their two month shots today, make sure you have beds ready because we all know they’re going to have increased breathing difficulties, feeding and digestion difficulties, apnea, and bradycardia. This is what goes on.

This week sees more committees voting on the removal of exemptions. The fairy tales painted by pro-vaccine doctors and nurses in committee testimony drifts further from reality as people at every level of society refuse to stop warning the public. It appears that the power and influence of PR firms dedicated to astroturfing social media combined with the swarm of vaccine manufacturer lobbyist that have descended upon American medical freedom are the only groups that are truly for forced vaccination.

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