Florida & Mississippi join ranks of Jade Helm 15 exercise

April 28, 20152:47 PM MST


Jade Helm 15

Jade Helm 15

Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

As the deadline (D Day) for Jade Helm 15 rapidly approaches Colorado has dropped out but Florida and Mississippi will now participate. Surgical strikes and extractions will be done in Florida and Mississippi making each state RED or hostile for the JH 15 exercise.

General Dutton of the Phoenix Militia says that’s not surprising given the scope of the exercise primary goal(influencing human behavior). It really doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘drill’ or ‘real life.’ It gives troops the ability to understand human nature (psychological warfare). The concern is this is being tested on American citizens with total disregard for expectations of privacy.

Camp Shelby, Mississippi has finally joined the 21st century of modern warfare. Their UAS (unmanned aerial surveillance) use of drones creates human patterns and behavioral charts of towns and cities (psychological warfare). Behavior becomes so routine it’s like feeding guppies. Guppies that don’t feed at feeding time are the focus of concern.

Florida and Eglin Air Force Base is the other newcomer. The base has Warrior Games each year June 19 to 28th and while a lot of emphasis is put on ‘high tech’ warfare the Warrior Games include the bow and arrow competition.

Colorado dropped out of the JH 15 exercise leaving California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mississippi, and Florida remaining.

1,200 troops will participate in 17 cities. Some drills will be performed by less than 60 troops at any given time on private property. Which will make it hard to locate and monitor ongoing drills.

General Dutton of the Phoenix Militia says private property doesn’t always mean land. Kayaks, jet skis, ATVs, river rafts and ultra-light aircraft or parachute rentals can also be utilized for ‘surgical-strikes and extractions.’


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