Yugoslavian immigrant supports Oath Keepers’ Sugar Pine Mine security operation.

3 May 2015

By Robert Rowe and Brandi Hawkins

Imagine being born in a country ravaged by war, corruption and off the scale inflation. Imagine playing soccer in the streets while bombs explode in the neighborhood mere blocks away from you. Imagine that this is what you consider to be normal everyday life.

That was life for Elvis Kobacic, a Yugoslavian immigrant who recently traveled almost 3000 miles from his home in Massachusetts to Oregon in support of our country’s freedoms. Elvis, who was granted citizen status in 2013, was born in Zenica, a small town about 45 minutes from Sarajevo during that region’s civil conflict that resulted in the break up of Yugoslavia into multiple countries. He remembers well the fear and terror of living under an oppressive regime. He remembers how expensive basic food items like flour had become saying it would cost as much as 20 Deutschmarks for a one kilo (2 lbs.) bag.

In 1996, his family, now war refugees, came to the United States to settle in Massachusetts, where 12 year old Elvis began attending school. After graduating high school, he entered a local community college earning an Associates Degree in Business. He continued his education until he could no longer afford to do so, stopping a mere four credits shy of receiving his bachelor’s degree in Economics.

Elvis worked in accounts receivable for a major corporation until recently. Having heard of the problems at the Sugar Pine Mine in Merlin, Oregon and the abuses being perpetrated upon the owners of that mine and no longer employed, he decided to see for himself just what was going on in the Western United States. Packing his few belongings into his car and making arrangements for his pets, he set out on the 3000 mile journey.

He mentioned that this kind of patriotism is not something that is commonly seen on the East Coast. Most people along the Atlantic seaboard of the U.S. seem to be content with conforming to whatever those in power impose upon them. He was curious to find out exactly why citizens in the west had such vastly different attitudes toward government.

Through his own research over the years, he was able to discern that the American economic system was corrupted and being abused by bankers and power brokers. Knowing that this was the case, he wondered why more Americans were not taking note of this. It is incredible to him that the national news media were not reporting on the extreme levels of corruption and abuse these people were getting away with.

Further research gave him a more complete understanding of how our Constitution is set up and why the Founders set it up in the manner in which they did. Reading and studying the debates between Thomas Jefferson and Samuel Adams, he began to realize that the corruption was not limited to the banking cartels, but rather, extended to almost every aspect of American society.

All of this, is what brought him to Oregon. He had to see for himself exactly what people were fighting for and why. It was something he knew he would not find out from the mainstream media outlets. He must find out why western Americans seemed to be more willing to stand up to the government than eastern Americans.

Upon arriving in Merlin, he introduced himself to the coordinator of the security operation, Joseph Rice. After an extensive interview and vetting, Elvis was given a tour of the command quarters (CQ) at which time he volunteered himself to the operation vowing to help preserve American freedom.

“America is the last place in the world where Liberty can be found. If it goes away here, where is there left to be free,” he asked. “I have lived under an oppressive regime. I know what it is like to live like that. I do not want Americans to have to experience it.”

When asked why he thought so many Americans were unwilling to fight for their own freedoms he simply stated, “I think they are afraid. I live in a big city. When I talk about this with my friends and family, they tell me I am a nut. People are afraid of that perception.” he concluded.

Participation in the security operation has been an exciting experience for Elvis. He has worked the main entrance as security where he checks incoming vehicles for explosives or tracking devices before allowing them entrance to the staging area. He also volunteers as part time cook and carpenter. Helping set up the CQ’s mess facilities, he worked with one of the other volunteers to build tables and benches which he and other cooks use to provide meals for the other volunteers.

In recognition of his service to the security operation and as a means to show solidarity and support of Elvis’ sacrifices, Joseph Rice and other members of Oath Keepers, III%ers and the various militia groups supporting this operation, presented him with an American Flag in an inspiring ceremony. “It was the proudest moment of my life,” says Kobacic. “I feel as if I am part of something bigger than myself. I feel as if I am accepted as a brother by my new friends.”

As he moves on, we wish Elvis good fortune as he carries his message to those who need to hear it. We pray he will allow us to be a part of his good works, where ever they may take him next.

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