Salon Collectivist Plays Race Card on Waco Shoot-out

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Racist collective guilt diatribe seriously at odds with reality

Salon Collectivist Plays Race Card on Waco Shoot-out

by | May 23, 2015

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The liberal online magazine Salon is attempting to spin the Waco shootout along racial lines.

Mensah Demary, a black author living in Brooklyn, injects racial bias into the news story by demanding that “White people, take responsibility for your Waco thugs.”

Demary writes:

The white privilege of individuality afforded to the biker gangs—thugs—and their murderous shootout as an isolated incident, as a singular event or, perhaps, even one of many events confined to the gangs themselves, as opposed to the larger white American population, is ingrained in the American imagination, indeed perhaps around the world.

This sort of mindless collectivism permeates liberal activist discussion in the wake of Ferguson and Baltimore.

Instead of blaming individuals for what happened in Waco, Demary believes the incident is attributable to “the actions of your people” and is, once again, a symbol of “white privilege” that is an “impenetrable shield like a cocoon.”

Demary, however, is treading on thin ice. As noted in news stories, a number of the Bandidos are in fact Hispanic. Are the people of Mexico, largely Hispanic, to be collective blamed for what the Bandidos did as well? Even more damaging for Demary’s racist argument is the fact one of the arrested was a black man.

Of course, as the Trayvon Martin case revealed, reality will not be allowed to stand in the way of the racist agenda — although George Zimmerman was obviously Hispanic, the race activists and the corporate media insisted the case was an incident of white racism against a back man (who was portrayed as a child, yet another distortion of reality).

Because Mr. Demary is a collectivist and an opportunistic racist, he believes white Americans as a group, as a collective, as a tribe must be required to uniformly “denounce the gangs. Apologize. Repent for the actions of your people.”

For the collectivist, there are no individuals and individual behavior is always attributed to a particular social class, be that class the bourgeoisie or white people. The crimes of a few, in accordance with their skin color, are to be blamed on the whole.

In past collectivist societies, in China and the Soviet Union, for example, this sort of groupthink led to almost unimaginable cruelty, murder and genocide.

If it is allowed to take hold in America, a similar result will occur.

As Alex Jones and Infowars discovered earlier this week, collectivist mobs are capable of intolerance and violence toward their perceived enemies.


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