Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals Slaps Down Obama’s Amnesty!!! – Red Statements

May 26, 2015 by Steven Ahle


The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled against Obama’s amnesty plan that would give legal status to 4.7 million illegal aliens.  The Obama administration had sought an expedited lifting of Judge Hanen’s injunction against the program, which the Fifth Circuit has refused to do.  It appears that they have no intention of allowing Obama’s illegal amnesty program to begin before it goes to the Supreme Court for final ruling, that at this point could not happen before June of 2016.

As it stands now, Judge Hanen has yet to rule on the constitutionality of Obamnesty and it looks like the Fifth Circuit would not be inclined to overrule him.  The Obama administration still can appeal the injunction and they will, but that case would be heard by the Fifth Circuit Court and would be a necessary step before they could send the case to the Supreme Court, assuming they would hear the case.  Justice Roberts could refuse to hear the case with or without comment, in which case the decision of the Fifth Circuit would stand, meaning that Obamnesty would be illegal.

The Obama administration floated a compromise in which no amnesty and work permits would be issued in Texas but would be in the other 25 states involved in the suit.  It took the state’s lawyers fifteen minutes to refuse the deal.  It should have taken only fifteen seconds but I’m assuming that Obama’s lawyers were as incoherent as usual and it took that long to figure out what they were saying.

One federal judge in Pennsylvania has already ruled that Obama’s executive order amnesty is unconstitutional on the grounds that it gives illegal aliens benefits.  While no one denies that Obama has the power over enforcement, or in this case non-enforcement, the states insist that Obama cannot bestow the rights that come with citizenship to illegal aliens.

I love it when the courts bitch slap Obama.Before Obama, the average success rate in courts for the first 44 presidents was 70%.  Obama is now under 30% with a record twenty 9-0 Supreme Court decisions going against him.

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