Progressive Tweets: Drudge Trying to Start Race War

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Race war perpetrated by black activists and Obama administration

Kurt Nimmo
June 19, 2015

After the Drudge Report linked to an article in The Washington Times stating black activists fear a race war in the wake of the Charleston shootings, progressives took to Twitter and declared Drudge is inciting one.


@DRUDGE_REPORT Fear? Usually they’re the ones encouraging…

12:40 PM – 18 Jun 2015

Rhea C Stone IV@RheaCStoneIV

@DRUDGE_REPORT by “fear” do you mean “get ready to start”?

12:40 PM – 18 Jun 2015

    1. The Mad Jewess™@MadJewessWoman 13h13 hours ago

      @RheaCStoneIV @DRUDGE_REPORT what ‘fear?’ Linking news sites is ‘fear?’ Friggin dumb left wing wack job

  1. Greg@gregwujec

    @DRUDGE_REPORT don’t they mean Stoke?


  2. 12:47 PM – 18 Jun 2015


@DRUDGE_REPORT really? Racially tinged click bait in the light of this tragedy. Sad. Disappointing. Pathetic.

The idea that white people are inciting a race war and will attack black Americans is at odds with reality, as Paul Joseph Watson explained for


According to government figures cited by Watson, blacks are more likely to attack white people. The establishment media, however, rarely reports this and continues to hype the white-on-black race war meme.

Government Pushing Race War

In May radio talk show host Michael Savage appeared on the Alex Jones Show. He warned that the Obama administration would deputize and arm gang members.


“Has there been a civil war?” Savage said. “Yeah, it’s a slow-burning civil war. What do you think we are looking at here? It’s a race war. These are their shock troops, they don’t have the brown shirts yet, they don’t have the armbands, but soon Obama could deputize them. Isn’t that a natural army for him, Alex? Take the Crips and the Bloods, give them a green uniform and give them a weapon and they’ll keep order in the streets. Won’t they?”

Obama has “the gangs on the streets on his side, he’s got them awakened, he’s got them armed — they’re armed to the teeth with illegal weapons.

“You’re going to see more race war right up until the Labor Day of 2016 for an obvious reason,” Savage said.

In the wake of Ferguson and Baltimore, it has been black activists agitating for a race war, not gangs of white supremacists who are small in number and largely controlled by the FBI and the government.

The “white privilege” narrative and the excuses made by the liberal establishment media for the violence in Baltimore and Ferguson highlight the unfolding agenda.

“The leftists have been very, very patient,” writes Lee Stranahan.”They control the classrooms that teach the journalists reporting on what’s happening now. Their ideas control the White House and Department of Justice. Their allies control the street protests.”

Prior to Ferguson, Baltimore and other racially tinged protests and riots around the country, Thomas Sowell, a black economist and social theorist, said the stage is being set for a race war in America.

“Initial skirmishes in that race war have already begun, and have in fact been going on for some years. But public officials pretend that it is not happening, and the mainstream media seldom publish it at all, except in ways that conceal what is really taking place,” Sowell wrote in 2013.

The current climate was set by years of racial polarization hyped by the establishment media, Sowell notes.

“For American society, a dangerous polarization has set in. Signs of this polarization over the years include opposite reactions between blacks and whites to the verdict in the O. J. Simpson murder case, the ‘rape’ charges against Duke University students, and the trials resulting from the beating of Rodney King and the death of Trayvon Martin,” he writes.

The media has ignored black-in-white crime, Sowell argues, and has characterized racial attacks perpetrated by black youths on white victims as a game.

“Even when these attacks are accompanied by shouts of anti-white rhetoric and exultant laughter at the carnage, the racial makeup of the attackers and their victims is usually ignored by the media, and public officials often deny that race has anything to do with what happened,” he writes.

Now that the race war is underway and will undoubtedly intensify this summer, the so-called progressives will use the Charleston murders committed by a drugged-out psychopath as an excuse to claim white supremacists, cartoonish Ku Klux Klan members and the Tea Party movement are behind the violence.

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