Charleston Massacre: Racial Tension Ploy to Conceal TPP Deal and Derail Mass Strike Momentum


By Brian McIntyre
On Wednesday evening, a brutal massacre was perpetrated against nine black Americans, including several clergy and a State Senator, who were attending a Christian education class at a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina. A suspect, Dylann Roof, now in custody, is a white male who was allegedly being prescribed antidepressants and was found in possession of weapons.
The mainstream and pseudo-alternative media have predictably gone into overdrive, pushing the story into whichever direction suits their single-issue agendas: pro- or anti-Second Amendment rights, the dangers of psychotropic pharmaceuticals, and the threat of domestic or “homegrown” terrorism. Instead, this can be seen as a potentially manufactured event designed to displace attention from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) opposition movement, as well as the ongoing worldwide mass strike upsurge, highlighted this week by a powerful intervention against the nefarious Whirlpool Corporation in Caserta, Italy.
We know from patterns of past events that the events in South Carolina have the stink of an intelligence operation: a troubled individual with a convoluted past appearing out of nowhere; a highly manicured and social media presence; early reports of multiple shooters; and the quickness with which Roof was fingered for the crime and apprehended.
Just one day prior, the New York Times published an editorial about the pivot by local and metropolitan police departments away from radicalized foreigners towards domestic “right-wing extremists” (i.e., the white working class). The Southern Poverty Law Center, a well-known foundation funded by leftist oligarch George Soros, was among the first to push the narrative of Roof as a neo-Confederate dupe with a “recent history of anti-black” sentiments, congruent with the fishy origins of the suspect’s Facebook account.
We seek to draw attention to the fact that, regardless of its realities, this tragedy is being used by the controlled media to hide the successful passage by of the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) by the House of Representatives, a standalone version of Trans-Pacific Partnership’s controversial “Fast Track” provision. It gives the President greater unilateral power in pushing secretive deals and is not linked to any other legislation, including TPP.

This lurid story is also part of an ongoing counterinsurgency effort against the poor and working classes, designed to divide white and black Americans and to prevent them from uniting around mass traction demands. These demands include opposition to the TPP with protective tariffs for American producers, and the strengthening of labor against predatory mega-corporations like Whirlpool. Rather than building mass movements and capitalizing on mass strike trends worldwide, what we see between these groups—egged on by incompetent cultural and institutional leadership— is labeling one another as anti-law enforcement thugs and racist murderers.
This does not mean we are excusing the alleged actions of provocateurs or their handlers. Instead, we have to keep our eyes on the political football. We can do so by analyzing this from a higher level of organizing that seeks out the political reasons for such potentially staged events, rather than getting bogged down in the technical obscurities of the crimes.
The events in the Palmetto State also come on the heels of a blown synthetic terror operation in Garland, Texas, by “Islamophobia” network operative Pamela Geller, and the general failure of the public to respond to ever-increasing doses of provocations perpetrated by ostensibly Muslim fanatics in Massachusetts, Kansas, and elsewhere.
Meanwhile, flagging campaigns of imperialist aggression against sovereign states such as the Donbass Peoples Republic, Iraq, and Syria, along with nuclear deal favorable to Iran and a walkout by the International Monetary Fund in the eleventh hour of Greek debt negotiations, indicate the growing desperation of the international ruling class and banking cartels. The apparent lack of enthusiasm for these subversive campaigns on the part of President Obama, who is also facing a spree of new security threats within the Secret Service, has caused these cliques to turn up the heat. This change of tone signified by the events in Charleston potentially signal a new cycle of the “strategy of tension” first pioneered in Operation Gladio in Cold War-era Italy and Western Europe. The ruling class reliably stages atrocities against populations in order to distract them as well as to shore up their political weakness.
In addressing Wednesday’s events, President Obama characteristically embraced the media’s tropes instead of issuing a strong rebuff to the blind alley of wedge issues and the incompetence of his closest advisors. It should also be noted that Obama knew the pastor of the Charleston church who was killed, State senator Rev. Clementa Pinckney. While the deceased’s surname is spelled differently than that of imprisoned anti-Whirlpool Corp. crusader Rev. Edward Pinkney, and presumably of no relation, this is a chilling coincidence.
The grisly events of Charleston should be investigated to their fullest extent and the truth of the allegations sought out by the appropriate parties, but this writer must implore you to ignore the banal sensationalism of the media and concentrate on agitating against the monstrosity of the Trans-Pacific Partnership legislation, as well as the entry of Donald Trump into the presidential nominee circus, whose aim is to dragoon moderate American voters from buying into the GOP quest for the presidency. With practical political demands, we can break the power of the Wall Street networks who facilitate these crimes and discredited politicians and achieve justice on all fronts.

Charleston Massacre: Racial Tension Ploy to Conceal TPP Deal and Derail Mass Strike Momentum
Sat, 20 Jun 2015 22:57:00 GMT

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