Trump Inspires Unprecedented Media Witchhunt

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07/14/2015 / By shawn

When he first made allusions towards running for president, the liberal media shrugged, rolled its collective eyes, and laughed a little. When he announced, they did the same. But now that Donald Trump is gaining serious traction among Republican primary voters, those in the mainstream media whose duty it is to present America with the facts have sharpened their pitchforks. Trump is now a threat, and the press is eager to neutralize him before his appeal spreads beyond the conservative base.

As part of that effort, this week Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd went as far as to compare Trump with Alabama’s infamous governor George Wallace. “I think the question is are the Republican leaders doing enough to distance themselves,” said Todd on Sunday. “Are they going to look back a year from now and say, ‘Boy, I should have been tougher?’ Is Jeb Bush going to say, ‘I should have just said, you know, I’m not going on a debate stage with that guy?’”

He pushed forward. “We’ve seen versions of Donald Trump over the years. And I just don’t mean versions of this Donald Trump, but George Wallace and things like this. This does happen. And they do strike a chord.”

But Todd fails to explain how Trump’s admittedly blunt comments on illegal immigration are akin to the obvious racism of a segregationist. He doesn’t actually have to, because the media has already made that case ad nauseum. They have cast his remarks as originating from racism, failing to note that he has never said one bad word about Hispanics, Mexicans, or – it’s true – immigrants to the United States. From the start, anyone willing to give Trump’s remarks a moment of intelligent consideration can tell he is speaking only of illegals.

This difference is an important one because it also exposes the deception the media has used to supposedly disprove Trump’s argument. When Trump says that Mexico is sending crime across the border, he’s not talking about immigrants who go through the proper system. He’s talking only of those who sneak past the fence. But when liberals attack his points with statistics, they use the entire population of immigrants, both legal and non. They do not, however, bother to point out that’s what they’re doing.

The Donald Trump witchhunt is extraordinary and nearly unprecedented. This is a media scared to death of true conservatism, and they are terrified that Trump is going to change a lot of minds out there when it comes to the border. That would undo years of dedicated Democratic strategy, so it’s obvious why they’re so eager to shut him down.

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