The Global Warming crowd is the MOST unethical and corrupt group of pretend scientists ever to exist

"Global Warming": We Are in 21st Year of Declining Temperatures


The most amazing thing is how government is trying to claim there is global warming simply to introduce a carbon-tax. We are entering the 21st year of declining temperatures – not rising temperatures. This is like the tax on cigarettes when people have began to smoke less, governments cry they are losing revenue so many places are now taxing electronic cigarettes. Governments are also losing tax revenue as cars have become more efficient.

Sales of gasoline have declined for cars have pollution controls and get much better gas mileage with more people buying from the internet and driving to the local mall less. The solution to the collapse in tax revenues – states now are preparing to tax people based upon the miles they drive requiring odometer readings to register cars. It is never about what they pretend to care about – its is just about new schemes to raise taxes. Regardless of the truth about global warming, governments need this bogus research to raise taxes.

The Global Warming crowd is the MOST unethical and corrupt group of pretend scientists ever to exist. When I was called upon for research back to form the G5 and then wrote the White House warning that manipulating the dollar down would create volatility and a crash within two years (1987), I was told I would never again be asked by government for anything. I was told outright to do studies that provide the conclusion up front and I would earn millions of dollars a year for bogus research reports. I said – no thanks!

This is the way government studies are funded and conducted. They ALWAYS tout the desired end result to support some predetermined objective. Government studies are simply an exercise in political corruption no matter what the field.

Global Warming is another great scam. Clearing the air – yes, we all want that. Yet it is extremely arrogant to assume we have the capability to alter the climate cycle. Furthermore, you could set off all the atomic bombs and it still would not destroy the earth. In the 28 years that have passed since the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster in Ukraine (then Russia), birds and mice have learned to not only survive, but to thrive on the radioactive land.

Nature adapts. Just as disease now is rendering antibiotics gradually useless for they are mutating to survive. That is simply how everything functions. Even our politicians change their stories to match their revenue desires – political adaption.

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