Leftists call the Bible “hate speech” that should be eradicated from society

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In an effort to stop “hate speech,” liberals want to ban the Holy Bible from, which had previously banned the Confederate flag.

When asked to sign a petition demanding both and Barnes & Noble to stop selling the Bible, San Diego, Ca., beachgoers signed without hesitation.


“If [Christians] want it, they can go get it somewhere else,” one man said while signing the petition created by social commentator Mark Dice, who routinely exposes liberal hypocrisy with sting videos.

Dice had no problem getting numerous leftists to agree the Bible was “hate speech” that should be eradicated from society.

“…What I’m finding interesting is that the people who don’t want to sign it are being way too nice about it,” he said in the video. “They have absolutely no spine and this is why Christians are getting crushed and are targeted for termination because they don’t have the spine to stand up for their rights or for their beliefs.”

Dice finally did encounter one man who got irate over his petition and didn’t believe him when Dice said the petition was actually intended to reveal how leftists want to destroy free speech.

For example, the Confederate flag was practically purged from existence in the name of “political correctness” over the past summer.

Even the Gettysburg Heritage Center stopped selling the flag in its Civil War gift shop.

Similarly, Rutgers University sparked outrage for claiming “there is no such thing as free speech” back in August.

“Think before you speak; there is no such thing as ‘free’ speech,” a guide published by the university stated.

And a few weeks before that an Oregon state agency ordered a Christian couple to stop talking about their faith.

The couple, Aaron and Melissa Klein, were also ordered to pay $135,000 to a lesbian couple for refusing to bake them a gay wedding cake.

“[The agency] took … general statements of the Kleins talking about their religious beliefs, the attack launched on them by [the] agency, and their determination to not give in to government persecution, to ‘constitute notice that discrimination will be made in the future by refusing such services,’” The Daily Signalreported.

It seems that Christians in particular are now facing more persecution than ever before in this war on the First Amendment.

“In North America and Europe, the persecution is often more subtle; even though violent attacks are still fairly rare, Christian beliefs are being undermined by new laws, comedians and television shows regularly mock the Christian faith, and many employers will immediately mentally disqualify a potential candidate for a job if they discover that an individual is a Bible-believing Christian,” journalist Michael Snyder wrote. “Sadly, this is just the beginning.”


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