The Grand Canyon Gold and The Fed

Bix Weir
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Many people will find this interview is just too “out there” to be true but please listen with an open mind and follow the research where it leads you. This is amazing stuff when you think about it because it explains WHY and HOW we got here.

Note: I was just contacted by someone that knows first hand that there is a secret operation still going on in the Grand Canyon as he was “detained” in the 1960’s while on a fishing expedition and was taken to a military base within the cordoned off area. He claims to have SEEN mining operations going on as well as some of the Egyptian artifacts. This source is more than credible to me and his description and detail of the area fits exactly with my analysis of what happened with the Fed in 1913.

Enjoy hearing one of the greatest secrets of all time!


More proof of the NY Times article and Golden Secrets here:

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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