Americans! This Better Piss You Off!

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Unless you want to bury everything America stands for, unless you are for RE-enslaving women and your daughters, unless you believe the punishment for rape and homosexuality are death, and unless you believe that civilized men should return to the dark ages you better STAND UP!  Your world is about to be rocked!  The enemy is within the White House, your government, your communities and within the conditioning you receive on a daily basis.  Turn off their mouthpiece: the television; the radio; the buy or meme of the day!!!!  They would rather you stay asleep and do nothing than to right this injustice being inflicted upon us.  They would rather have you comply and bowing on bent knee than standing to fight!  Your way of life is about to become extinct if you let it!!  DO NOT COMPLY! SPEAK YOUR VOICE! Stand up to tyranny and to those who do not represent the greater good.  There is a clash of cultures coming, will you be ready?

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