Bailout or No Bailout…You Tell Me

My Friends –

As we inch closer and closer to the “Mother of All Crashes” we are going to have to make a decision…

Bailout or No Bailout?

The stakes are high on this decision and Congress will only act on the will of the People this time. They have no choice.

If you vote for a Bailout “They” – the banksters, the market riggers and the corrupt politicians win again.

If you vote for No Bailout we all will lose EVERYTHING in the banks and brokerage houses that many have saved their whole loves for.

Bailout or No Bailout?

My take…with movies like these hitting at the core of the issue at this moment in time there will be No Bailouts this time.

Money Monster – Trailer

The Big Short – Trailer

It should be obvious that we are being conditioned to say “No to Bailouts” the next time but by whom is the question.

If it’s the Bad Guys then they have plans to institute their One World Government after the crash and the Governments and Central Bankers will come in to save the day by printing a Zillion more of everything monetary.

If it’s the Good Guys then we actually have a chance at overthrowing the Criminals that have stolen our system. They have had a plan for decades but have yet to implement it because of the incredible amount of pain the transition would cause.

Truthfully, the way you vote will not matter…what matter is what we do After the Crash.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir


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