– FEBRUARY 09, 2016 –Breitbart

“He doesn’t need this job,” said Eric Trump, “He’s doing it because America has given him everything in the world. It’s given him an amazing company. It’s given him us as a family. It’s given him great success and the country is just going down the tube.”
“We’ve got nineteen trillion dollars worth of debt. We’re going bankrupt. We’ve got a nation that’s ranked 28th in the world in terms of education. You have Third World countries that are beating us in terms of educating our youth and he problems go on and on,” he added.
“That’s why he hopped into this. That’s why he self-funded. Very simply, it’s love of country” that’s motivating his Father Donald to run for President, said his son, Eric.

It’s not an enjoyable process. It’s a tough process. You’re getting hit from every angle. You’re getting beat up everyday. It’s a very expensive process. Again, he’s putting his money where his mouth is. He’s doing it because he loves this country and he can’t stand the incompetence of what’s happening. We have leaders out there who have never made payroll themselves. We have leaders out there who can’t balance their own checkbooks, let alone the national debt and national expenditures. That’s why he’s doing it and he would do such a great job whipping this into shape.

“The speed of execution at which we’d work as a government under Trump would be like something never seen before. He has high expectations … he loves this nation, that’s why he’s in the race. He’s not doing it because he’s bored and needs another job”, concluded Donald Trump’s son Eric.


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