First Thoughts on the Probable Murder of Justice Scalia

Posted on February 13, 2016



Tonight, thinking Americans sit in shock and reflect upon the future of the country as the Supreme Court seems destined to rubber stamp a wide array of New World Order globalist initiatives.

My first thought was TEXAS. Scalia “died in his sleep” (that’s what the media is reporting) while in Texas.

Texas is where the power elites send their prominent enemies to be murdered. Once in a while, they want to send a message with their assassinations, but usually it works out better for them to have the cause of death established as a heart attack or some other natural cause.

John F. Kennedy was killed in Texas in a very public way. Allegedly, Scalia died in his sleep, all alone. Was Dick Cheney on the premises? Scalia came to Texas to go hunting. Perhaps Chaney and his crew were hunting Scalia. There’s no way for Scalia to have known that he was the prey, not the animals on the big ranch he was visiting.

In retrospect, Scalia needed a strong security detail of very conservative, Christian, well trusted men. One of his detail should have been a food taster. Not that I expect that an autopsy will show that Scalia was poisoned by food. If he was, it would be by a poison that left no trace.

I’m expecting that the autopsy will take place in Texas, conducted by someone under the control of the Illuminati (call them what you will–the power elites, globalists, oligarchs, etc.) If I were the Scalia family, I’d make sure that an independent autopsy were done, and make sure that whatever evidence of disease within Scalia’s body that is revealed is not planted evidence.

You may remember that Andrew Breitbart dropped dead under mysterious circumstances. I recall an autopsy showed his death was caused by a heart attack. Breitbart’s audience had become too large. He couldn’t be ignored by our rulers, so he was removed. Miraculously, some men who have the truth figured out, men such as Henry Makow, are allowed to live.


Another thought I had was an image of the Clintons and the state of Arkansas littered with the dead bodies of their enemies. Did Scalia make a stray comment about the Hillary email investigation? Is the Supreme Court going to have to make a ruling in that investigation? You just know that Scalia would have voted to fry her sorry butt.

Whoever murdered Scalia, the bet I’d make is that another assassin is taking care of him or already has. A witness who could testify that he killed Scalia on orders from the Clintons (possible), Obama (unlikely as Obama is a puppet), or some unnamed member of the oligarchy, is going to be eliminated quickly.

The ranch’s proximity to the Mexican border brings to mind the idea that the drug cartels had him killed. The problem with that theory is that Mexicans like their assassinations bloody and violent, not stealthy.

Whether Scalia actually died from natural causes or was eliminated, the thing we can agree on is that the Supreme Court no longer stands in the way of the implementation of a wide variety of liberal tyrannical policies and programs.

Weep for America. We’re on step closer to the precipice tonight.

america will fall within


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